Student Loans
Finances, FiscalMommi, Sweet Like Money

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Student Loans

April 7, 2021
I have a love hate relationship with my student loans. I hate that they are so much (almost 6 figures),......
Curry Shrimp
Cooking, MommiChef


April 6, 2021
Curry Shrimp Recipe   All my shrimp lovers get ready to drool over my Curry Shrimp Recipe. It is simple,......
Love & Relationships, MommiHood, MommiToBe, Parenting

Why Black People don’t adopt but why WE should!

April 5, 2021
Here is the deal! Blacks don’t adopt! Especially when you look at the statistics of our caucasian counterparts. And here......
Faith, SpiritualMommi

A Mothers Loss: Losing Jesus

April 5, 2021
Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone! Many of us know the story of Jesus and the significance of his death but have...
When to end a friendship
Friendship, Love & Relationships

How to Tell when It’s Time to End a Friendship

April 3, 2021
Friendship is a blessing in each of our lives. It is a necessity for living a full and enjoyable...
Finances, FiscalMommi, MommiTips

3 Passive Ways to Save

April 2, 2021

A Letter to All My Little Black Daughters

April 1, 2021
The NO Judgment Zone

A Little Secret is Ok… Unless It’s a Child!

March 31, 2021
ad the first line “because you failed to attend the mandatory court hearing, paternity has been determined” and YOU ARE...
Finances, FiscalMommi

15 ways I cut our grocery budget in 1/2

March 29, 2021
As a mom of 3 growing boys and 1 hungry husband, the amount of food we have to keep in...
MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting

Tips to Help Survive Motherhood

March 28, 2021
It has taken me a little over 13 years and 6 kids to figure out that I don’t have all...
CelebrityMommi, I confess!, In The Community, Parenting, SL&R

Picking Up Shattered Glass: Failed Relationships and Co-Parenting

March 26, 2021
I must confess, I had no idea how to handle it, so putting up a wall of strength is all...

Strawberry Strudel Waffle Recipe

March 25, 2021
Who doesn’t love waffles in the morning?!? Check out my strawberry strudel waffle recipe and please tag me when you......
Debt Freedom Workbook
Finances, FiscalMommi, Sweet Like Money

The 30-Day Guide To Debt Freedom Workbook

March 22, 2021
When I began this process, I was clueless about where to start. I listened to podcast, read books, took financial......


March 19, 2021
I have the best daddy ever. If you didn’t know now you know! But what makes him so special? Well,......
Education, Family, Fashion, Latest Blogs, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting, Tips, Tips for Mommi, TRENDING, What every black mom should know

How We Fostered A Love of Reading in Our Children

March 18, 2021
How We Fostered a Love of Reading in Our Children This post has been sponsored by General Mills. All thoughts......
MommiHood, MommiOnTheGo, MommiTips, Taking Care of Mommi

This Isn’t Your Mother’s Spring Break: Or Maybe it Is!

March 17, 2021
Many of you reading this blog may identify yourself as a Millennial parent. And with that title comes quite...
MommiHood, Sex & Relationships, SexiMommi, Work Life Balance

5 Fun and Flirty Date Night Ideas

March 15, 2021
“Friday is date night. What do you want to do?” “Hmm. I don’t know. What do you want to do?”......
Education, Faith, Fashion

Taking the Leap: Career Change at 30

March 14, 2021
It Was Time About 10 years ago, I went back to school for fashion design after working in public health......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiHood, MommiTV

Cooking with Yolande: Sweet & Tangy BBQ Chicken

March 12, 2021
As moms the responsibility of what everyone is going to eat falls on us most of the time. That can...
Faith, Family, Love & Relationships, Marriage, Sex & Relationships, SpiritualMommi

Submit or Nah?????

March 11, 2021
The Oxford dictionary says that submission is the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or......
Good Laughs, I confess!, Love & Relationships, SingleMommi, The NO Judgment Zone, Tips for Mommi

Five Tips To Avoid Dating a Grown Ass Boy!

March 9, 2021
As a firm believer in the saying, “You gotta believe the messenger before you can believe the message” I’ll go......
Beauty, Education, Faith, MommiMogul

Today is OUR day #International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021
It’s our day!! The day of the woman! Happy International Women’s Day you beautiful woman you! The roots of this......
Natural Remedies

Help Engorged Breast! – Natural Remedies For The New Mom!

March 7, 2021
I remember the moment after giving birth I was elated, happy and down right felt like a pure Bad A**!......
I confess!, Parenting, StepMommi, The NO Judgment Zone

Stepping Up, Stepping Out and Over Stepping: Step Parent-My least favorite title. (Part II)

March 5, 2021
It's October 2016. Less than two years into our marriage, I'm five months pregnant and my husband starts dropping hints...
I confess!, MommiHood, MommiToBe, Parenting, Pregnancy, The NO Judgment Zone

Career or Kids: The Twins I Almost Chose Not To Have.

March 3, 2021
In 2006 and I was ranked #1 in the world. It was my third year running professionally and everything was......
I confess!, Parenting, StepMommi, The NO Judgment Zone

Stepping Up, Stepping Out and Over Stepping: Step Parent- My least favorite title (PART I)

March 1, 2021
YOU DON’T KNOW, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW I absolutely hate being a step parent! Sound harsh? Hear me out. I......
How To

How to create a Fabulous Headdress

February 28, 2021
Hello Ladies!  I’m going to walk you through the steps I use to create fabulous headpieces! Things You’ll Need to......
Beauty, Black History, For The Culture, Hair, MommiHair

I am not my Hair, or am I?

February 23, 2021
In 2011 when I went natural….for the 1st time (yes, there’s levels to this) I did it for health reasons.......
Black History, For The Culture, Love & Relationships, Love and Relationships

Black History + Black Love = February

February 19, 2021
black history month
Black History, Black Mom In America, Black2School

20 Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids About Black History Month

February 18, 2021
This blog was originally posted on 1/21 Photo by Twenty20 From the past we shape our future Ever wonder......
Family, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Show your kids just how much you love them on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2021
Ever since my boys were big enough to understand the meaning of Valentine’s Day, I’ve made sure they receive a......
Black History, Black Mom In America, For The Culture

Are you a Black Mommi or a Mommi that’s Black?

February 12, 2021
Divorce, Latest Blogs, Love & Relationships, Love and Relationships, MommiHood

7 Tips for Getting Back Into Dating After Divorce!

February 8, 2021
Description: Divorce is always a pain. If you want to handle it and move on, you are in the right......
Family, Good To Know

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Household

February 5, 2021
5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Household What’s love got to do with it? Everything, Queen! Valentine’s Day often gets......
Black History

Black Girl Magic Personified

February 2, 2021
Every day, we go through life’s daily tasks without even thinking. Some of the things we do could really be......

3 Mental Roadblocks to a Healthier You and How to Overcome Them

January 31, 2021
Fitness. It’s one of those things where either you love it or you hate it. Quite honestly, most people either......
Health & Wellness, Latest Blogs

Fifty five, fit and fab!

January 27, 2021
Where it all started… I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. I was a track and field athlete in high school......
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Latest Blogs, MommiTips, Tips for Mommi

Tips For Stocking Your Kitchen With Clean Eating Foods

January 25, 2021
Congratulations! You’ve made the first step in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. How does it feel? Can you feel......
Latest Blogs, MommiTips

365 New Days, 365 New Opportunities

January 20, 2021
First off, Happy New Year! I said it last year and the year before that and I’m pretty sure almost......
Cooking, Latest Blogs, MommiChef, MommiHood

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

January 19, 2021
Hey Mommies! Hopefully your fit mommi journey has been rewarding so far! If not, just pick back up tomorrow and......
FitMommi Challenge 2020, Latest Blogs

Fitness Saved My Life

January 18, 2021
Remember when all the MommiNation Mombassadors made a video about suicide prevention last summer? Well, that was cuz lil ole......
Jump Rope Challenge
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020, Fitness, Latest Blogs

Jump Rope Challenge

January 18, 2021
Jump rope is one of the best workouts you can do. You’ll burn fat, lose weight, and improve your cardio....
Cooking, Health & Wellness, Latest Blogs, MommiTips

I Gave Up Sugar For 30 Days, Here’s What Happened…

January 14, 2021
We’ve just wrapped up a successful fitness challenge here at MommiNation. It has been amazing seeing all the beautiful mommies......
Cooking, Latest Blogs

Quick and Easy Breakfast Egg Muffin

January 12, 2021
Since the birth of my second baby girl I find that we eat out and do takeouts more often than......
diastasis recti
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020, Latest Blogs

Safe abdominal exercises and tips if you have a Diastasis Recti

January 11, 2021
Is it a mommy belly or something else? Like some mommies on this platform, getting back to pre-baby shape has......
vision boards
Finances, Latest Blogs, MommiTips

6 Tips to Creating 2021 Vision Boards That You Will Stick With

January 6, 2021
The beginning of not only a new year, but a new decade is the perfect time to set annual goals....
Chicken Quinoa Bowl
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020, Health & Wellness, Latest Blogs, MommiChef

Cajun Chicken Quinoa Bowl

January 5, 2021
Heyyyy Mommination! I know we are all SO excited starting the Fit Mommi Challenge this week! (Go team Fit-Ish Mommies!)......
Latest Blogs, MommiHood

Eating Healthy in a Food Desert

January 4, 2021
It’s that time of year where everyone decides that some changes to their diet, love lives, careers, or what have......
Fitness, Latest Blogs, Pregnancy

Prenatal Exercise: Your Power in Your Pregnancy

January 1, 2021
The Power You Have Over Your Pregnancy: What if I told you the power you have over your pregnancy lies......
Latest Blogs, Literacy, MommiHood

The Best Books I’ve Read All Year

December 30, 2020
I have always loved reading. As a little girl I looked forward to visiting my local library every three weeks......
Latest Blogs, MommiHood, Stories Untold

“Unleash the Courage within You”

December 27, 2020
My Story Untold: From Victim To Survivor: Business Coach Overcomes Domestic Violence, Now Helps Women Make Six Figures “If I......
Family, Latest Blogs

Have fun with your family using zoom games this Christmas

December 21, 2020
Christmas is going to look so different for so many people this year including my family. We’ve decided to follow......
Christmas, Family, Tips for Mommi

Surviving the Loss of a Love One During the Holiday Season

December 20, 2020
The Holiday Season is a tough time for some people. Especially those who have lost a love one.  The spirit of togetherness can be......

The Perfect Christmas List for Any Mommi

December 18, 2020
Christmas is only a week away and some of us have yet to find the perfect gift for our loved......

Christmas May Look Different This Year – and That’s Okay!

December 14, 2020
Who Would’ve Thought: This year has taken us all by a complete spiral! Many people have lost their job, finding......

That Cinderella Life Ain’t For Me!

December 11, 2020
That Cinderella Life:  It ain’t for me Growing up, Saturdays was the day you cleaned the entire house. The house......
Christmas, MommiTips

Ten Christmas Traditions You Should Try!

December 10, 2020
1. Putting up the tree/decorations together How many Mommies out there think Christmas comes right after Halloween? We are so......
Christmas, Family, Mommi Madness, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Please Tell Me Why There’s an Elf on My Damn Shelf!

December 7, 2020
Okay, let’s play the game, Never Have I Ever… Ready?…. Never have I ever had an Elf on my Shelf…Now......

5 Ways To End 2020 STRONGER Than You Started It

December 2, 2020
Black History, For The Culture, In The News, Politics

Dream Big Black Girl!

November 30, 2020
Now that the General Services Administration in our federal government, ahem- Emily Murphy has finally signed off on the transition......

NICU Bonding Tips with Registered Nurse, Callie Douthit

November 16, 2020
Every parent dreams of the moment they get to hold their precious little one for the first time. Unfortunately, for......
Fashion, MommiHood

Fall Fashion Series – My Take on Mom Style

November 15, 2020
Sponsored by Zappos Why does “mom style” get a bad rap? Why do people hear that term and think frumpy,......
MommiHood, Our Babies

“Born At 430 Grams-Casimir Maybe Small, But Mighty”.

November 15, 2020
The Big Day “It’s a boy!!!!” On May 18, 2020, my significant other, Bo, and I were so happy to......
MommiHood, SingleMommi

Single Motherhood – A Blessing Or A Curse

November 12, 2020
Single Motherhood – A Blessing Or A Curse   Being raised by a single mom who did not depend on......
MommiHood, SingleMommi

The Strength of a Single Mother

November 11, 2020
First off, the strength of a mother is unmatched, but it requires a little extra when you have to do......

Struggles of a Young, Single Mom

November 10, 2020
As a little girl, I never wanted to be married or have kids. I definitely didn’t ever want to be......

Sometimes 30 Days Isn’t Enough- Mommi 2.0

November 7, 2020
You are not authorized to view this content. Head over to to purchase the challenge. Username Password Remember Me......

The Call In Segment Two: Cancelled Friendships

October 30, 2020
Hey Girlfriends, Welcome back to The Call In presented by Mommination! If you missed Segment 1: Friendships Defined, don’t worry,......

Tips for voting early, absentee or in-person on Election Day

October 30, 2020
Have you voted yet? Election Day is just 4 days away and every vote counts. We at MommiNation would like......

One Pot Chicken Parmesan Pasta!

October 27, 2020
Hey Mommies! So we all know it feels nice to get fancy some days and make a three course meal......

Protected: Mommination Outreach Specialist

October 26, 2020
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post....
Job Listing

Protected: Mommination Content Coordinator

October 26, 2020
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post....

Why every black mommi should care about what’s happening in Nigeria! #ENDSARS

October 26, 2020
“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in......

Meal Planning Success without the Stress!

October 20, 2020
Hey Mommies! Its Mommi Shaquanda here with a list of tips on how to make meal time a success without......
Health & Wellness

Touching my boobs saved my life

October 12, 2020
Now that I have your attention, let me confirm that you did not read that title wrong. Touching my boobs......
Friendship, I confess!, Love & Relationships, MommiHood

Mommination Presents The Call In

October 9, 2020
For those of you who’ve ever experienced challenges, barriers or unpleasant experiences related to friendships, this is the place for......
MommiHood, swimming, Tips

Learning how to swim in a pandemic is safer than you may think

October 4, 2020
Since the Pandemic hit in March, I have been very hesitant to allow my boys to do any of their......

Why the Census Matters: Get Counted.

September 30, 2020
In March, the United States mailed out invitations to complete the 2020 Census to homes all across the country. For......
Health & Wellness, NICU

6 Reasons Your Baby Might Be Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

September 8, 2020
Originally posted on LiveWell Reasons Why Your Baby Might Be Sent to the NICU Prematurity. Babies born early (less than......


September 7, 2020
Being a NICU nurse has been such a rewarding yet eye opening experience to me. Taking care of critical babies......
back to school

What type of mother sends her child to school during a pandemic?

August 22, 2020
What type of mother would send her child to school during a time like this? Doesn’t she know that the......
Black2School, Education, MommiHood

3 Reasons why I’m not letting this school year stress me out!

August 21, 2020
Are Your Stress Levels In The Red? We’re currently living in some crazy and unprecedented times. One of the major......

What Does It Mean To Deschool???

August 20, 2020
I know this school year has a lot of us nervous, anxious and confused. Now more than ever is the......
How to raise money smart kids
Black2School, Education

How To Raise Money Smart Kids

August 19, 2020
How To Raise Money Smart Kids   It is back to school and most of us including myself have made......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Bingo Boards- Fit Mommi Challenge

August 18, 2020
Save your bingo boards at the start of each week and share in your stories as you check off each......

The BEST Way To Bond With Your ‘Students’ During the 2020 Pandemic School Year

August 17, 2020
  This week I had the opportunity to sit down with YouTube sensation, Jerusha Willenborg. Her video of a secret......

Lunch Recommendations by Mommi Chef Shaquanda

August 8, 2020
Mommi Shaquanda shares awesome suggestions for lunch menus all week! Now that we are all Mommies, teachers, chefs and so...

Mommi Trying To Survive Distance Learning with Pre-K through 3rd Grade Students!

August 4, 2020
Back To School I know what you’re thinking back to school already? Or maybe you’re dreading the fact that your......
Black2School, MommiHood

Let’s Go Back To School!

August 3, 2020
It’s that time of year again! The time where summer is quickly coming to an end and it’s time to......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Mommi & Me Workout

August 1, 2020
Cooking, MommiChef

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti

July 28, 2020
Creamy, Cheesy Chicken tossed in Spaghetti noodles? Yes Please! This dish is bursting with flavor! I’d say it takes the......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Food Is My Love Language

July 28, 2020
You want to know the way to my heart….food! Fries are my kryptonite As a matter of fact, anything made......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Planking with Sharon

July 28, 2020
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Nominate a Mommi

July 27, 2020
Nominate a Mommi We can’t thank you all enough for joining the challenge and making it amazing! We’d love your......
FitMommi Challenge 2020


July 27, 2020
It’s the final week of the #FitMommiChallenge and we’re kicking off the week with a full-body dumbell workout designed by......

5 Self-Care Tips for the Busy-Body

July 24, 2020
Hey y’all! It’s International Self-Care Day, and you know your girl is BIG on self-care. One of the biggest misconceptions......
Braid out

How To: Braid Out

July 22, 2020
While I was transitioning, flat braid outs were my go-to hairstyle! Braid outs really define your curls, are quick and...
Cooking, MommiChef

Southwest Fajita Bowl

July 21, 2020
Hey Mommies! I’m back with a delicious Southwest Fajita Bowl ! The best part about this meal is its versatility!......
FitMommi Challenge 2020, MommiHood

The “FIT MOM,” I Miss Her

July 19, 2020
Our son runs all day long… like literally if he’s awake he’s running. The other day I was keeping track......
FitMommi Challenge 2020


July 17, 2020
FitMommi Challenge 2020, MommiHood

Abs with Sanya

July 16, 2020
Fit Mommi Challenge core series....
perm rod

How To: Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

July 14, 2020
In this video, I will show you how I get soft, voluminous, and big curls with a perm rod set.......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Healthy Spinach Salad

July 12, 2020
Healthy spinach salad!...
Faith, Family, MommiHood, SpiritualMommi

How to keep your peace in a broken world

July 12, 2020
The Beginning – How I knew there was a God Although I did not grow up in the church, I......
FitMommi Challenge 2020

Week 2- Monday Workout

July 12, 2020
We hope you've enjoyed the first week and are even more excited to stick with it! Check out first workout...
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020, Fitness

“Mommi Got Her Groove Back” -Mommination #FitnessWeek

July 8, 2020
You know oftentimes as women we understand that our life journey is far more different than men, but have you......
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020

Upper Body Series- PT 1

July 6, 2020
We're kicking off the Fit Mommi Challenge with a upper body series that is sure to burn in all the...
FitMommi, FitMommi Challenge 2020

Seven Healthy Breakfast Options

July 6, 2020
SEVEN HEALTHY BREAKFAST OPTIONS Source: Healthline 1. EGGS Eggs are undeniably healthy and delicious. Eggs are also very versatile. For example,......

A Fall From Grace: My Secret Struggle

July 1, 2020
Hey there! How are you? I cannot believe I’m about to share this with you, but the guilt is eating......

Quick and Easy Bun

June 30, 2020
I know I’m not the only one who has gotten to day seven of your twist out or wash &......
What every black mom should know

What every black mom should know V

June 28, 2020
black excellence
What every black mom should know

What every black mom should know IV

June 26, 2020
black women
What every black mom should know

What every black mom should know – II

June 26, 2020
Black woman community
What every black mom should know

What every black mom should know

June 26, 2020
black pregnant woman
What every black mom should know

What every black mom should know III

June 26, 2020

Special Thanks To My Baby Daddi

June 21, 2020
“This blog isn’t about my dad. This blog is about the best dad I’ve ever known!” I’m a big birthday......

B.L.A.C.K. F.A.T.H.E.R.S: Breaking the Stereotypes of Karen

June 21, 2020
There are a lot of people who have a whole lot to say about Black fathers. A lot of which......

Dear White Man Raising Black Daughters

June 21, 2020
Dear Dustin, You are the white father to two black daughters. You have had privilege your entire life, but now......
Black History, Black Mom In America, MommiHood

How to Explain All Things Juneteenth to Karen, Becky, Amy and Friends…

June 18, 2020
To all the Karen’s, Becky’s, and Amy’s Out There….This is for You! Dear Karen et al., I know you’re accustomed......

Our first Father’s Day Without Daddy

June 18, 2020
I suppose I should feel Sad. When I envisioned myself becoming a mother I pictured a two parent household, a......

If I Were A Dad

June 17, 2020
If I were a dad, even just for a day I’d sleep in like I ain’t got no kids 'cause I...

Fathers Day Steak Dinner

June 16, 2020
How she feeds you is how she feels about you 😉 Ladies we all KNOW the way to a mans heart......
Father's Day Gift

Last Minute 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 15, 2020
Father’s Day! Fathers Day is just around the corner and the big question is on all of our minds…what do......
Cooking, Cookingwithyolande, MommiChef, recipe

Jamaican Saltfish Fritters with Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce

June 14, 2020
Jamaican Saltfish Fritters Saltfish or cod fish fritters, whichever you prefer to call them, are delicious. They’re one of those......
Cooking, Cookingwithyolande, MommiChef, recipe

5-Minute Sweet and Sour Sauce

June 14, 2020
5-Minute Sweet & Sour This 5-minute sweet and sour recipe is quick, easy and versatile. I use this as a......
Did You Know

The Black Women Who Paved the Way for This Moment

June 12, 2020
In cities across the United States, black activists are denouncing state-sanctioned violence and demanding radical changes to American policing. Black...
Love and Relationships, Sex & Relationships

Why Did I Get Married?

June 9, 2020
When I am hot HOT and my husband has gotten on my last nerve, I seriously ask myself this question.......

Mommi 2.0 Challenge

June 9, 2020
It’s time for women and mothers to join together to stand united and in love for our black men and...
Black History, Black Mom In America, Education

Furthering the Conversation: How to be Anti-Racist

June 5, 2020
The last few months have added more black bodies at the hands of white vigilantes and police officers to an......
Black Mom In America, In The News

What Black Mommies can do to fight Racial Injustice NOW!

June 2, 2020
There are so many things happening all at once. We're in the midst of a pandemic but most importantly, for many...
In The Community

An Olympian or A Hashtag: A True Story

May 31, 2020
Every four years America rallies behind their athletes as the best of us compete in the Olympic Games. The best......
Black Mom In America

Son, I’m Sorry: A Letter To My Little Black Boy

May 30, 2020
Dear Son…I’m so sorry I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to that voice in my head To the doubt that......
Black Mom In America

Dear White People: Will You Stand Up For Me?

May 27, 2020
I am scared that my son will go on his morning run and not come back. I’m scared to let...
Health & Wellness, MommiHood, Parenting, Sports, swimming

No Need To Drown…Just Keep Swimming

May 27, 2020
Water will not kill my daughters. I need them to be able to have the skills set to, if in......
Cooking, Cookingwithyolande, MommiChef

Cooking with Yolande – Coconut Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting

May 26, 2020
Coconut Cake with Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting Y’all know I don’t back down from a cooking or baking challenge, right?......
Cooking, Cookingwithyolande, MommiChef

Cooking with Yolande – Bundt Cake with Lemon Glaze

May 26, 2020
First: The Lemon Glaze: 1 3/4 cups confectioners’ sugar 1/4 cup of lemon juice The zest of one lemon 1......

Easy Creamy Parmesan Crusted Chicken

May 26, 2020
One of my all-time favorite dishes is Longhorn’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken! It’s a juicy chicken breast, topped with a creamy......

Little Fires Everywhere; Opposing Styles of Motherhood

May 26, 2020
4 Moms, 4 Economic Backgrounds, 3 Different Races, countless Secrets… I just finished the 8 episode series Little Fire Everywhereon......
MommiHood, Parenting

From Motherless Child to Mom of Six

May 23, 2020
My name is Bella and I am a mom to six kids. Sounds impressive, right? Many people seem to think......
Hair, I confess!

No Brown Skin. No Black Hair.

May 22, 2020
My oldest child was born in the summer of 2015. When I found out we were having a girl, I......

Securing the Mask!

May 21, 2020
In the event of decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. To start the flow of......

What The HAIR? Postpartum Hair Loss

May 20, 2020
After giving birth to my third and final child by cesarean section; I finally went home from the hospital after......
Education, Family, In The News, In The News, Parenting, Work Life Balance

Distance Learning is Driving Me Crazy!

May 18, 2020
We’d heard about Covid-19. It was all over the news. Early reports of the virus didn’t send me into a......
letter to a new mom
Mother's Day

A Letter To The New Mom

May 14, 2020
By Rocquel @OurMommySpace Being A Mommi Dear, Mommi you’re hired! Motherhood is the one position and title that you’re working......
Cooking, Cookingwithyolande, MommiChef, recipe

Rasta Pasta: Penne Alfredo With Blackened Chicken Breast, And Red, Yellow and Green Bell Peppers

May 12, 2020
Named for the red, green and yellow bell peppers that bring vibrant color to the dish, this Rasta pasta is...
Mother's Day, Parenting, Work Life Balance

Mommi Goals: There’s No Such Thing As a Perfect Mom

May 8, 2020
Boss Mommi, Mother's Day

Boss Mom or Bad Mom?

May 8, 2020
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s given me reason to pause and reflect on my mommihood journey.......
Mother's Day, MultiplesMommi


May 8, 2020
ESSENTIAL MOMMI DURING A PANDEMIC: Right now, we are currently dealing with Covid-19. My world can all turn upside down if...
Cool Mom
Mother's Day

How To Be A Cool Mom

May 8, 2020
Cool mom is not an oxymoron. That’s right, but you will not have 100% of both worlds. You have to...
Mother's Day, winemommi

Who Says the Fun Has to End After Motherhood?

May 8, 2020
The moment I told my mother I was pregnant, the first thing she said was, “You know your life is......
Mother's Day, WorkingMommi

Hardworking Mommi: My Struggle to Balance it All

May 8, 2020
Some days I cannot believe I am a mother of three boys I am a mother of three amazing black......
Mother's Day

Mommi 2.0

May 8, 2020
I grew up an only child, so I always wanted to have a bunch of kids. I always had to......
Mother's Day

#SingleMommi is A Super Mommi

May 8, 2020
Mother’s Day Week It’s Mother’s Day week!!!! Big Salute to all the Mommies out here raising your children, nurturing them......
Mother's Day


May 8, 2020
MOMMI OF ALL TRADES  Like most mommies after I gave birth to my first child I was LOST, like lost......
Faith, Family, Mother's Day

Motherhood Is My Ministry

May 8, 2020
My Motherhood Journey My motherhood journey started about 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Jae.......
Mother's Day

Not Defined By Motherhood – I’m More Than A Mommi

May 8, 2020
  First of all, Thank y’all lovely ladies for being here! Before you continue reading, I want every mom to......
Mother's Day

Mommihood is ALL about Growth and being Woke for me.

May 8, 2020
I confess!, MommiHood, Mother's Day


May 8, 2020
Alright Mommies, I have a confession….now judge me all you want, but I tend to keep things a little too......
Mother's Day

Mommi with a Purpose

May 6, 2020
Becoming Mommi 🙂 Becoming a mom is considered one of the greatest moments in a woman’s life. It was definitely......
Mother's Day, Parenting

Death to the SuperMommi! The Five Stages of Letting it All Go

May 6, 2020
Denial   I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but the day I became a mom is the day I......
Mother's Day

Mommi on a Mission: My Motherhood Journey

May 6, 2020
Before my husband and I had ever started trying to conceive, I had already had plenty of conversations with myself...
Birth, Black Mom In America, Mother's Day, Pregnancy

Everything Was Stacked Against Me: COVID-19 Pregnancy

May 5, 2020
IN THE BEGINNING The first time I gave birth, in 2017, I was joyfully ignorant to all of the issues......
Cooking, MommiChef

Stuffed Taco Shells

May 5, 2020
STUFFED TACO SHELLS How awesome is it that Cinco de Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday this year?? 2020 was definitely......
classic margarita

3 Quick and Easy Margarita Recipes to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2020
Most of us would be running to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ordering our favorite margaritas today for Cinco de...
Mother's Day Gift Guide
MommiNation Picks, Mother's Day

2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 4, 2020
We have officially entered the week of Mother’s Day (even though we believe that every day is Mommi’s Day). If...


May 3, 2020
“Natural hair is an exquisite crown. It’s a wonder and fascinatin to many. But to the confident black girl or......
Cooking, MommiChef

Pan Seared Salmon in Lemon Cream Sauce

May 1, 2020
We’ve all been to the chain hotels for weddings, anniversary parties, balls and what not and had the dry stuffed...
Cooking, MommiChef

Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge

May 1, 2020
Cornmeal porridge is a Caribbean breakfast staple that brings childhood memories rushing back every single time I have it. It...
Beauty, Hair

Protect Your Crown! Tips on Finding the Perfect Protective Hairstyle

April 29, 2020
Hey, Ladies! Let's talk natural hair. If you're like me, you may have a love-hate relationship with your hair. One...

MommiNation’s Hair YouTube Page

April 29, 2020
Check out our Mommies hair tutorials! From natural styles, to twistouts, weaves and wigs. The perfect place to find inspiration...
Beauty, Hair

How to Achieve the Perfect Twist-Out 

April 29, 2020
Although the twist-out is easy to achieve, it does take proper product, technique, and practice. There are several tips to...
Beauty, For The Culture, Hair, MommiHair

Relax… It’s Only Hair

April 28, 2020
We all have a hair story I can remember being 12 and deciding I wanted dread locs, my hair was......


April 28, 2020
My hair journey.. Hmmmm, where do I start? I guess we should just take it all the way back. Let’s......

10 Ways to Grow Your Hair Back Fast After Postpartum Shedding

April 27, 2020

Why Me? A Mother’s Tale of Raising Twins with Autism

April 26, 2020
Being a mother in it’s own right is extremely complicated. You birth a healthy baby and think your biggest problem......
Cooking, MommiChef

Easy and Delicious: Nick’s Diner Copy Cat Chili Recipe

April 21, 2020
As I think about the first time I set out to make chili, I’m realizing I might have a bit...
MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting

Surviving C-Sections: The Ugly Truth About the Unknowns of Childbirth

April 15, 2020
My first pregnancy was my “ignorance is bliss” chapter. I was only 23, so none of my close friends had......
Coronavirus, MommiTips

4 Ways to Go Inward: Calming The Anxiety Caused by Covid-19

April 10, 2020
Hey Mommies! We’ve survived a few weeks of quarantine and there’s at least another month of this ahead. These are......
Cooking, MommiChef

Easter Brunch Ingredient List

April 8, 2020
Coronavirus, Love & Relationships

My dream destination wedding canceled due to COVID-19

April 8, 2020
In January of 2019 we decided to book our wedding at the beautiful Moon Palace Resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica!...
Cooking, MommiChef

Taco Egg Rolls Recipe

April 7, 2020
“Its Taco Tuesssdayyy!!” Hearing Lebron say that every Tuesday would get me so hyped for tacos! We love mexican food......
Coronavirus, Tips for Mommi

What the Mommies of MommiNation are binging

April 1, 2020
Cooking, MommiChef

Funfetti Waffle

March 31, 2020
Who doesn’t love waffles in the morning?!? Check out my strawberry strudel waffle recipe and please tag me when you......

How COVID19 Can Impact Your Motherhood Experience In a Good Way!

March 30, 2020
by Rocquel of  OurMommySpace Let me guess you’re sitting in your living room binge-watching all of your favorite shows, your......
Cooking, Family, MommiChef

Homemade Sloppy Joes

March 24, 2020
I’d like to say that it was my kids that prompted me to make sloppy joes at home one day,......
Mommi Madness, MommiTips

Mommi Madness: Finding Balance

March 23, 2020
In my life right now I am juggling more roles than I have ever juggled, and sometimes I feel like......
how to not go broke during covid-19
Coronavirus, In The News, Tips for Mommi

How to Not Go Broke During COVID-19

March 22, 2020
COVID-19 has added another meaning to mommi madness. This blog was initially thought of to help mommies focus on our...
Coronavirus, Health & Wellness, Health & Wellness, In The Community, In The News

Don’t Just Survive Quarantine Season… STAY LIT!

March 20, 2020
By now I think we've used this word more in the past week than we will in our lifetimes. Is...
Mommi Madness, MommiTips

Sis, Just Do It!

March 19, 2020
Hi, Loves! If you’ve been following me for a while now you know I’m a stay at home mom. But......
Coronavirus, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting

Three Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Coronavirus

March 18, 2020
Life as we know it has turned completely upside down. As an adult, I’m still having a hard time wrapping......
Black2School, Coronavirus, Education, Health & Wellness, In The News, MommiTips, Tips for Mommi

Schools Closed? Here’s What You Can Do

March 15, 2020
The Coronavirus has made it’s way to the United States and its presence has contributed to the closures of everything......
In The News, Mommi Madness, MommiTips

Ten Ways to Flourish As A Work-At-Home Mommi

March 14, 2020
And to think, we thought the Mommi Madness couldn’t get any worst. Now, some of our daily routines are complete......
Mommi Madness

5 Ways to Manage Mommi Madness with Multiples

March 13, 2020
I bet you can’t say the title again 3 times really fast! It’s typical of a mommi who already has......
Coronavirus, Health & Wellness, In The News, In The News, MommiTips, Tips for Mommi, TRENDING

Protecting Our Children From the Coronavirus

March 11, 2020
As the coronavirus began to take over media reports in the last few weeks, I began to do my due......
Mommi Madness, MommiTips

Ten Ways to Flourish As A Stay-At-Home Mommi

March 10, 2020
1. Wake up early We all know how hectic our days can get when the entire family is up and......
Tips for Mommi

How do you stay looking so good? 5 Tips for Moms to keep up with themselves after kids

March 6, 2020
If I had a dollar for every time someone made reference to the fact I’ve kept up with myself after......
Mommi Madness, MommiHood

Mommi Madness

March 2, 2020
Hey MommiNation! I’m dubbing March MOMMI MADNESS and here’s why: As an athlete and a huge fan of sports, I’ve......
Did You Know

Celebrating Vaginal Health & History

March 1, 2020
Mary Beatrice Who is Mary? Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner (May 17, 1912 – January 13, 2006, age 93) was born......

“Mother By Choice, Not By Blood: A Look Into Life with White Parents”

February 29, 2020
Hi Loves! Motherhood comes in so many forms. You can become a mom in the most obvious way which is......
Education, Family, MommiTips, Parenting, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Internet Safety for Teens

February 25, 2020
A little fun fact about me, I LOVE true crime shows. I literally fall asleep at night to Forensic Files......

The Wine Down: 10 Tips for Beginner Wine Drinkers

February 18, 2020
Now I wouldn’t go calling myself an expert, but I mean they don’t call me “The Wine Drinking Mom” for......
Boss Mommi, Stories Untold

Mommies Stories Untold – Roxanne Cowans

February 15, 2020
Meet Roxanne Cowans Mommi of 2 MommiNation, Mombassador Did you always want to be a Mommi? In all truth, no......
Black History, Education, For The Culture, Parenting, Uncategorized

They’ll Mention How We Were Slaves but Forget We Were Also Kings.

February 10, 2020
The topic of slavery, the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. With my son only being......
Black History, Cooking, For The Culture, MommiChef

Finger-Licking Fried Chicken

February 4, 2020
There’s nothing like crispy, juicy, fresh outta the grease fried chicken (Disclaimer, although tasty – anything fresh out of hot......
Family, I confess!, Parenting

How in the Hell Do I Parent Myself????

January 30, 2020
How do I, as a parent, tell them not to do something that I know that I would do? Is...
Fatherhood, In The Community, In The News, Interracial Marriage, Love & Relationships, Marriage, MommiHood, Parenting

My Love letter to Vanessa & the girls…

January 28, 2020
Dear Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka and Capri, The world lost a legend. A man that many revere as one of the......
Family, In The News, In The News, Marriage, Parenting

Family Vs. Family

January 23, 2020
Ah, the married life. It’s a wonderful adventure isn’t it? When I was younger I pictured myself meeting the man......
Black Mom In America, Health & Wellness, swimming

The Impact of Learning to Swim

January 22, 2020
Oh boy, what a difference a year can make in your life! When we started 2019 my boys did not......
Recovering from overspending
Finances, FiscalMommi, Sweet Like Money

How To Recover From Overspending During The Holiday Season

January 20, 2020
Now that the holiday season is over, we are left with all of the financial scars of being “Santa” because......
Beauty, Black Mom In America, I confess!, MommiHood, Parenting, The NO Judgment Zone

Am I raising a colorist?

January 16, 2020
My daughter is growing up, before my eyes. She is an honor student, active in clubs and is a great......
Stories Untold

Mommies Stories Untold- Jodie Rowlands

January 15, 2020
Meet Jodie Mommi of 2 Celebrity HairStylist, Atlanta   What is your untold story? I always wanted to be a......
FitMommi, Fitness, Health & Wellness

Being Basic is Not a Bad Thing

January 14, 2020
Let’s Go Back to the Basics The New Year is only a few days away and many of us have......
Black Mom In America, In The Community, In The News

Their Silent Screams

January 11, 2020
Another sleepless night. It’s day 12 and she still hasn’t been found. The thought of her out there, alone &......
Good Laughs, I confess!, In The News, Politics, The NO Judgment Zone

Laughing at an impending war?

January 10, 2020
Please let those of us who want to laugh for a few moments, do that without your judgement. Without your...
MommiTips, Tips, TRENDING


January 8, 2020
Having guests over can be fun but it does get stressful too. Houseguest etiquette is a must! It doesn’t matter......
Love & Relationships, Love and Relationships, MommiHood

Quarantine Almost Ruined Us

January 8, 2020
There’s an old saying that says, “You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” Well, quarantine has taught......
Paying off debt
Finances, FiscalMommi, Sweet Like Money

I Paid Off Over $30,000 of Debt in 12 Months And Here’s How

January 6, 2020
I paid off $32,295.30 of debt in 12 months!! I began this journey in $118,069 of consumer debt. This debt......

New Year’s Resolutions vs Lifestyle Change

January 6, 2020
As a lover of information, I wanted to know the statistics when it comes to the number of people who...
Did You Know, Education, Good To Know, Literacy, MommiMeTime, MommiNation Picks, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Mommi Approved Book of the Month for January 2020

January 5, 2020
Beauty, Family, In The News, Our Babies, Trending Story

In Blue Ivy’s Defense

January 3, 2020
As much of the nation was getting back to work after a few days off, Meg Thee Stallion took to......
Health & Wellness, I confess!, Tips for Mommi

New Year, New Wife, New Mommi, New Me!

January 2, 2020
This may sound a bit cliché, however when I reflect on 2019, all I can think about is how I......
Breastfeeding, MommiTips

It’s 2020 and my boobs are finally free!

January 1, 2020
It’s the first day of the new decade and my boobs are finally free! My breastfeeding journey Nobody could have......

MommiNation 21 day #FITCHALLENGE

January 1, 2020
Getting in shape after baby can be really tough especially when you attempt to do it alone! Join the #MommiNationFitChallenge...
Black Mom In America, Christmas, Faith, Family, Parenting, SpiritualMommi

Hanukkah, Not Christmas

December 30, 2019
As a child, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Santa wasn’t real. I grew up in South......
Christmas, MommiTips

Ten Christmas Traditions You Should Try!

December 24, 2019
1. Putting up the tree/decorations together How many Mommies out there think Christmas comes right after Halloween? We are so......
Family, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

How to Survive Family Gatherings

December 23, 2019
It’s the time of year where many families will start gathering together for various reasons. Some people look forward to......
Christmas, MommiTips

Christmas: It Ain’t About You, Boo!

December 22, 2019
If you follow me on Instagram and read my posts, you may have seen the one where I talked about......
Cooking, Tips for Mommi, Work Life Balance

Mommi Christmas Cocktails

December 21, 2019
Christmas is not just for the children. It is also time to enjoy quality time with friends and family at......
Cooking, MommiTips


December 20, 2019
PEPPERMINT COOKIES Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 cup Special Dark unsweetened cocoa powder sifted 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup unsalted butter softened 1/3 cup butter-flavored shortening 1 cup granulated sugar (can also......
Tips for Mommi, Travel

Seven Simple Travel Tips

December 19, 2019
Tip #1 - Start packing a week before your trip.
I don’t know about you, but washing clothes is a never...

Coordinating your perfect family photo!

December 17, 2019
It’s the one time of year where many of us go all out for family photos. Our families have been...
overspending during the holidays
Finances, FiscalMommi, Sweet Like Money

Ultimate Guide to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays

December 16, 2019
Christmas is right around the corner and everyone knows Christmas is the time of giving. The “giving spirit” can sometimes......
Faith, I confess!, MommiHood

Santa: Jesus’ Homeboy

December 15, 2019
Ah, It’s Christmas time and while the reason for the season is the birth of Jesus and I’m sure, like......

Christmas Gifts for Everyone On Mommi’s List

December 14, 2019
MommiTips, Sex & Relationships, SexiMommi

Save a Life, Sex your husband!

December 13, 2019
We can't deny our husbands sex. They need it! They want it! They can't live without it! And although we...
I confess!

The Holiday Blah

December 12, 2019
Cooking, MommiChef

Cooking with Yolande: The Only Carrot Cake Recipe You’ll Ever Need

December 10, 2019
Carrot Cake  I never really ate carrot cake much as a child or adult, probably because I didn’t get it.......
Hair, MommiTips

Easy Mom Hair

December 10, 2019
Easy Mommi hair! The infinity ponytail has gotten easier and more natural!...
Finances, FiscalMommi, MommiTips

When my mother died without a will, I learned a big lesson about money management as an African American

December 3, 2019
ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE BUSINESS INSIDER Angie Chatman Sep 9, 2019, 11:09 AM My mother purchased her home on the......

Parenting My Son, The Overachiever

December 2, 2019
I remember it like it was yesterday. The day my son was born was CRAZY, to say the least. It......

Making it Through Those Awkward Thanksgiving Conversations.

November 28, 2019
Thanksgiving, a time to gather round with family and friends, a time to give thanks, a time to reminisce, and......
I confess!, In The Community, Tips

Surviving Your In-Laws

November 28, 2019
With the holidays approaching, many of us will be surrounded by family and friends. This is always a good time......
Family, Health & Wellness, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

4 Tips to Remain Thankful during a difficult Season in your Life

November 28, 2019
As women, and as Moms we go through seasons in our lives where our hope begins to diminish due to......
Family, Parenting, Tips

Raising Thankful Kids – How To Help Kids Be Thankful

November 27, 2019
Being thankful and raising thankful kids should be a part of our everyday lives not just a seasonal act during......
Cooking, MommiChef

Super Simple Cranberry Sauce

November 27, 2019
This recipe is one of those things that you make and say “that was easy, and so much more fresh......
Cooking, MommiChef

Deep Fried Turkey

November 27, 2019
Let me start by saying, if you do not have the proper equipment and space to safely deep fry a......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips, Tips

Best Turkey Brine Recipe

November 26, 2019
My family and I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s not a cultural tradition of ours. While we don’t take part in......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Stuffing Muffins

November 26, 2019
Stuffing Muffins: Cubed Stuffing Mix Apples Celery Bay Leaf Onion Poultry Seasoning Olive Oil Salt Pepper Butter Parsley Chicken Stock......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Honey Glazed Carrots

November 26, 2019
Honey Glazed Carrots: I came up with the recipe one day after my husband fell in love with a seasonal......

Beating the Holiday Blues

November 26, 2019
Hi loves!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!…or is it??  The winter holiday season brings about some of......

Rice and Peas

November 25, 2019
Listen, I’m a modern woman, in modern times with two kids, a husband and 15 jobs. I take help wherever......
Cooking, MommiChef

Sweet & Tangy BBQ Chicken

November 25, 2019
Sweet & Tangy BBQ Chicken: Split Chicken Breasts Chicken Legs (Other parts as desired) Soy Sauce Coarse Sea Salt Granulated......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Roasted Potatoes

November 25, 2019
Roasted Potatoes: 1 1/2 pounds small red-skinned potatoes 1/8 cup olive oil 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Butter and Garlic Roasted Green Beans

November 25, 2019
Butter and Garlic Roasted Green Beans:\ Fresh String Beans ¼ Cup Slivered Almonds 3 Cloves Minced Garlic 1 Stick Unsalted......
Boss Mommi, Health & Wellness, I confess!, MommiMogul, The NO Judgment Zone

Women & Weed: A Candid Conversation Part 3 – We have the final say

November 23, 2019
You made it! This 3-part series of Women & Weed is coming to an end (I know I think I......
Family, In The News, MommiTips, Parenting, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Quid Pro Quo for the Mommi Who Wants to Stop Losing her Sh*

November 22, 2019
As I was thinking of a title for this blog, I was being inundated by news reports of evidence of......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Sweet and Sour Salmon

November 21, 2019
Sweet and Sour Salmon: Salmon 1 each red, yellow, green bell pepper Sweet and Sour sauce Soy Sauce Coarse Sea......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Cooking with Yolande: Grammy’s Mac & Cheese

November 21, 2019
Mac & Cheese: Macaroni Elbows Milk 1 Stick of Butter Flour 32oz Shredded Cheddar Cheese (Mild, Medium, Sharp) 1 each......
Cooking, MommiChef, MommiTips

Candied Yams

November 21, 2019
Candied Yams: Sweet Potatoes Brown Sugar Cinnamon Jumbo Marshmallows (Not mini) This recipe is super easy and HANDS DOWN the......
Cooking, MommiChef, Tips

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Shopping List

November 19, 2019
While writing this blog I realized, Thanksgiving is a lot of work for those of us who cook and host!......
Cooking, Family, MommiChef, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Fall Soup Lineup

November 19, 2019
Baby, it’s getting cold outside and nothing warms me up like a good old bowl of soup. I recently signed......
Boss Mommi, Tips for Mommi

Be The Mommi That Went For It!

November 18, 2019
I’m living my dream… again! And the best part is I get to dress up every day to do it…......

Seven Tips To Being A Faithful Mommi

November 17, 2019
1. Sew Seeds Early On Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when......
women & weed
Health & Wellness, I confess!, In The Community, MommiHood, Uncategorized

Women & Weed: A Candid Conversation Part 2 – Motherhood

November 16, 2019
Welcome back! Hopefully you have read Part 1 in the Women & Weed series and are ready for Part 2......
I confess!, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting

I’m Grateful For My Kids…BUT!

November 14, 2019   The other day Lil Dre asked me if he was a mistake. I said absolutely not! You were......

14 Little Ways to Encourage Kindness

November 13, 2019
Originally posted on Great thinkers from Martin Luther King Jr. to the Dalai Lama to my daughter, Addison, all......

Some nights I have a glass, other nights a bottle

November 12, 2019
It’s funny because my two year old son asks me, “Momma you want some vine”? any time we are at dinner......
Did You Know, FiscalMommi, MommiTips

Mommi hosts ‘job fair’ at home to teach her kids about the importance of working for your money

November 12, 2019
Black mom hosts ‘job fair’ at home to teach her kids about the importance of working for your money By......
Health & Wellness, In The Community, In The News, MommiHood, Pregnancy

Women & Weed: A Candid Conversation Part 1 – Pregnancy

November 9, 2019
Before we begin, for my novice readers here are some clarifying points (my experienced consumers can skip to the next......
Education, Family, In The News, In The News, Our Babies, Parenting, Trending Story

Our Children Are Not Your Punching Bags

November 8, 2019
I’ve had enough of watching cell phone footage and or body cam videos of children assaulted by school resource officers.......
Family, Health & Wellness, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting, Taking Care of Mommi, Tips for Mommi

To the Mommi Who Needs a Break

November 6, 2019
First Time Mommi I remember when I became a mom for the first time. Everything was exciting and new. Here......
Divorce, Faith, Love and Relationships, Marriage, Sex & Relationships, SingleMommi

Dating -Post divorce and kids

November 5, 2019
 DATING?  What does that even mean in 2019?                        ......
Mommi Business, MommiTips

9 Black Mommi and Child Owned Businesses

November 2, 2019
Originally Published on May 13, 2018  by ShoppeBlack In celebration of Black mothers, we’ve put together a list of Black Mother......

Pregnancy After Loss: 3 Unexpected Ways I Changed

November 2, 2019
Pregnancy after our miscarriage was full of so many mixed emotions. Being pregnant for the second time was a completely......
Education, Health & Wellness

Is it cancer? How to know if you have this deadly disease.

October 30, 2019
October is breast cancer awareness month and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t be affected directly or indirectly by...
I confess!, Love & Relationships, SL&R


October 28, 2019
I am a survivor of abuse in my relationship. When you hear these words, what is the first thing that......

What Lies Beneath: Conflict In Marriage

October 27, 2019
I remember it just like it was yesterday. July 28, 2012 was the day I married my husband. The day......

My Journey To Understanding Sex As a New Wife and Mom

October 26, 2019
Love & Relationships, SL&R

I Want to be a Wife But I Hate the Thought of Being Married

October 26, 2019
Anytime I hear about someone I know getting married I’m so excited for them, part of me even envious dare......

I’m a Mom Whose Never Been In A Relationship

October 26, 2019
Did You Know, Divorce, Education, For The Culture, Love & Relationships, Marriage, Sex, Sex & Relationships, SL&R

Foreplay…Who Really Needs It?

October 25, 2019
For the majority of my life, I was of the mindset that it was okay to bypass all the romantic......
Sex, SL&R

Sex After Babies…Does it Get Any Better Than This?

October 25, 2019
I didn’t even think it was possible, but I am having the best sex of my ENTIRE life...after two kids...
Education, Love & Relationships, MommiHood, MommiTips, Parenting, SL&R

Mommi, Where Do Babies Come From?

October 25, 2019
Do you avoid the question? Is this an uncomfortable conversation for you to have? If your kids are at an......
Marriage, SL&R

All Men Cheat!

October 24, 2019
Yes, I said it! And this is not one of those blogs that makes a sharp left turn and implies......
I confess!, Love & Relationships, Marriage, MommiHood, Parenting, SL&R, The NO Judgment Zone

How to know when enough is enough…

October 24, 2019
As time went on, however, daily sex routines turned into once in a while. Date nights were a thing that...
Love & Relationships, SL&R

5 Tips for a Successful Marriage

October 23, 2019
I have to be honest with you, when I found out MommiNation was doing a series on love and relationships......
Marriage, SL&R

Are You Speaking My Love Language?

October 23, 2019
Now You’re Speaking My Language There is a quote that says “find someone who speaks your language so you will......
Family, Good Laughs, Interracial Marriage, Interracial Relationships, SL&R

Don’t Marry Outside of Your Race…

October 22, 2019
Don’t marry outside of your race. Never date someone who has a different background than your background. Definitely don’t link......
Health & Wellness, I confess!, Love & Relationships, Marriage, MommiHood, MommiMeTime, SL&R

Mourning Your Single Self

October 22, 2019
Congratulations! You are in the relationship that you always dreamed of whether you are married or just committed to the......

How I’m Intentional About Loving My Husband 

October 21, 2019
Family, MommiHood, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi, Travel

Camping Trip Must Haves

October 18, 2019
My husband loves the great outdoors, I could totally do without it. The beginning of our relationship was filled with......
Family, I confess!, MommiHood, Parenting, Pregnancy, The NO Judgment Zone

Oops… we did it again!

October 16, 2019
Please stop the Britney song you are playing in your head and let me tell you my story. When J......

Five Tips To Starting Your Week Off Right

October 14, 2019
We know, depending on how the little ones were overnight, mornings can be rough and that may seem like an...
Cooking, Health & Wellness, MommiHood, MommiTips, Tips, Tips for Mommi

Eating Healthy on a Budget

October 10, 2019
My job is to feed a family of 8 people. Feeding them is the easy part, feeding them healthy, organic,......
Black Mom In America, Did You Know, Parenting, Trending Story

We asked black mothers how they find their joy. This is what they said.

October 7, 2019
A few months into her second pregnancy, she needed to read an article about black motherhood that wasn’t a horror...
Birth, Black Mom In America, Did You Know, Health & Wellness

Tatyana Ali’s letter reminds black mothers that nothing is broken in us!

October 6, 2019
Black Mom In America

I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!

October 4, 2019
To whom it May Concern: How many other people’s moms started their notes in school off like this? I bet......
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Not Just For White Moms: Parenting in 2019

October 4, 2019
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Officer that killed Jean Botham gets 10 years. Was justice served?

October 3, 2019
When we see Botham Jean we see our sons and we continue to do everything we can to be a...
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The Only Brown Girl In Class

October 3, 2019
I never thought sending my kindergartner to a predominantly white school would lead to her being the only brown girl......
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What My Daughter Should Know

October 2, 2019
My Biggest Blessing Having a baby in 2015 was the biggest blessing I could have ever imagined. It was also......
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Black Hair Matters… But Should It?

October 2, 2019
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I’m Sure It’s Nothing…

October 1, 2019
Or so I thought…Let me take you back to the moment in time where absolutely nothing changed my life forever.......
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The Gems You Might Have Missed at The Revolt Summit!

October 1, 2019
Have you heard all the buzz that came out of the Revolt Summit in Atlanta?There were Master Classes, interactive panels...
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Mommi Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is The World’s Fastest Woman… AGAIN!

October 1, 2019
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, arguably the greatest female sprinter of all time won her fourth World Championship 100m title in Doha at...
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The Trump Impeachment Scandal

October 1, 2019
We know, like us, you're probably wondering what's the latest on all the Trump stuff?Well, there's a whistleblower who has...
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My faith gives me the strength needed to be a black mom in America

September 29, 2019
Sometimes it is hard for me to believe it, but I have been a black mom in America for over......
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Being A Black Mom Trying to Raise Woke AF Kids #thestruggle

September 28, 2019
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The Unconscious Weight of Being A Black Mom in America

September 27, 2019
Mom The universal synonym for unconditional love. When you become a mother you experience what it truly means to love......
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Black Women: Justice for All?

September 27, 2019
If you’ve been with me for a while you’ve already read my first blog in this series, Black Women: America’s......
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As a Black Mother, My Parenting Is Always Political

September 27, 2019
Grab the book! When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mother would put on Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love......
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Black Virginia Girl Says White Classmates Cut Her Dreadlocks on Playground

September 27, 2019
The police in Northern Virginia are investigating a report by a black 12-year-old girl that three white boys in her...
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Us vs Everybody!

September 26, 2019
In a time where it feels like the world doesn’t want to see positive images like begins to feel......
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A Letter to my Black Teenage Son…

September 26, 2019
My son, the names change (often) but the way you are viewed (in this society) will not. Every day that...
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The Urgency Of Intersectionality

September 26, 2019
In one of the most compelling TED Talks we've ever seen Kimberlé Crenshaw  looks boldly at the reality of race...