Fine motor skills are essential to our everyday life. We use them for every finely tuned movement, from gaming to driving to cooking dinner. Helping your child develop their motor skills can give them more autonomy and independence, allowing them to do more things without your help! Here are a few ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills.

Getting Dressed

While we wouldn’t recommend this on mornings when you’re already running late for school, allowing your kids to dress themselves can greatly improve their fine motor skills. All those buttons, zippers, snaps, and Velcro fasteners give your child’s fingers a new opportunity to fine-tune these small motions.

However, we would recommend giving them a once-over before sending them out the door just to double-check that they didn’t skip any buttons!

Doing Puzzles

Doing puzzles can be a great way for children to fine-tune their motor skills. In addition to using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to figure out how to put the picture together, maneuvering the small pieces and fitting them into the larger puzzle will help improve their motor skills.

Plus, they can be fun to do together as an after-school activity!

Riding Electric Cars

Ride-on electric cars can provide a great way for your child to improve their motor skills. These kid-friendly cars are designed with toddlers in mind, giving them plenty of buttons and knobs to turn. Operating the gas and brake pedals will help with your child’s foot coordination, and turning the steering wheel will improve their hand-eye coordination.

Plus, navigating rough terrain can promote quick thinking, fast reflexes, and problem-solving skills. Power wheels are a great option for rough terrain; you won’t need to worry about the engine giving out as your child drives the vehicle up a hill.

Giving your child a fun activity that engages their motor skills will ensure they improve in no time!