Gross motor skills are the unsung heroes that give us the abilities we don’t give more than a second thought to throughout the day. That is, our abilities to jump, run, walk, maintain balance, crawl, climb, throw, and much more.

You have likely noticed that your children tend to struggle with these skills as their bodies are still learning how to react to the world. Though it can feel like a challenge to add helping your children with these skills to your plate as a Black mother, the benefits they will reap will make the effort worthwhile. Learn how to help them out with these fun activities that also improve your children’s gross motor skills.


Many children today do not spend as much time in nature as they should. This lack of exposure to nature inhibits their ability to walk on rocky paths with uneven terrain or climb a tree. Therefore, you should consider taking your children for hikes, as these hikes will develop their leg muscles, balance, and coordination.

Pool Noodle Ball

If your children are toddlers or younger, you might feel apprehensive about certain challenging activities, as your children might not be old enough to engage in them. Thankfully, there are still many easy activities your younger ones can enjoy. For example, do you have a pool noodle lying around? There are many gross motor activities that use pool noodles, one of which is pool noodle ball. Simply blow up a balloon and have your child try to hit it with a pool noodle. You might even encourage them to keep the balloon off the ground as long as they can. It’s an incredibly fun, low-risk game they’ll love.


Hula-Hooping is something that many children enjoy partaking in, as it’s a unique way to exert energy. The best part is that Hula-Hooping is a fun activity that improves your children’s gross motor skills. As they work to keep the hoop around their hips, they also strengthen their balance, core, and stability.

Try these three activities, and your children are sure to improve their gross motor skills. Plus, they are painless experiences for all, as your children will have fun while building life-long gross motor skills!