We all know that children are bundles of energy that never seem to run out of steam. While their energy may never extinguish, their interest and attention have much shorter battery lives. In moments of downtime, we might reach for technology. However, tablets and screens aren’t placeholders for playtime. That’s why you should know some of these essential tips for keeping playtime engaging for kids.

Head Outside

When inspiration, creativity, and imagination suddenly run dry, your blood may run cold as you rack your mind for activities the kids can do. The best course of action in this scenario is to head outside. In today’s society, we rarely find ourselves outside amongst the grass and trees, despite how beneficial it is to spend time in nature.

Once you get your kids in the great outdoors, they’ll likely use the change in surroundings to create new and exciting worlds to explore. If the kids are still struggling for inspiration, consider showing them a game you used to enjoy during your childhood.

Follow Their Lead

One of the most common misconceptions about playtime for kids is that it needs to have a clear purpose. We think every activity that kids partake in must have an obvious learning lesson. It’s understandable that parents want their children to play games that provide them with the knowledge to succeed in the world. However, letting your kid take the lead during playtime is a great way to strengthen their independence and expand their creative thinking skills.

Play With Them

As a kid, you likely spent the majority of your playtime alone or with friends, cousins, or siblings. It was rare for your parents to join in on the fun. But when they did, you likely felt so excited they were taking an interest in the imaginary play scenarios you had thought up.

That’s why one of the best tips for keeping playtime engaging for kids is to join in on the fun. When you join your kids for a bout of play, their minds will light up with excitement, and they’ll instantly feel more interested in what’s going on.

So, the next time you find yourself trying to determine what to do with that burst of energy your child may have, be sure to think back to these tips for ways to keep playtime engaging with your children.