First comes love, then comes marriage then comes the baby in the baby in the baby carriage….or so the lullaby goes, but let’s be real Mommies, that’s not always how life, love or relationships go! This week MommiNation dives right into the depths of Sex, Love and Relationships like no one else! And we are knocking down all walls as we go deep into topics such as sex, foreplay, divorce, infidelity, marriage, dating and more. We’re leaving no stones unturned! Oh and did we mention, we have featured celebrity contributors like Love and Hip Hop star Tara Wallace, the beautiful boss Mommi herself Adrienne Bosh and our very own Sanya Richards-Ross! Trust us Mommies, this is one series that you can’t miss! So sit back, tuck away the kids and get ready to have your entire world rocked like never before!


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Picking Up Shattered Glass: Failed Relationships and Co-Parenting

7March 26, 2021
I must confess, I had no idea how to handle it, so putting up a wall of strength is all...
I confess!, Love & Relationships, SL&R


2October 28, 2019
I am a survivor of abuse in my relationship. When you hear these words, what is the first thing that......

What Lies Beneath: Conflict In Marriage

0October 27, 2019
I remember it just like it was yesterday. July 28, 2012 was the day I married my husband. The day......

My Journey To Understanding Sex As a New Wife and Mom

0October 26, 2019
Love & Relationships, SL&R

I Want to be a Wife But I Hate the Thought of Being Married

1October 26, 2019
Anytime I hear about someone I know getting married I’m so excited for them, part of me even envious dare......

I’m a Mom Whose Never Been In A Relationship

0October 26, 2019
Did You Know, Divorce, Education, For The Culture, Love & Relationships, Marriage, Sex, Sex & Relationships, SL&R

Foreplay…Who Really Needs It?

1October 25, 2019
For the majority of my life, I was of the mindset that it was okay to bypass all the romantic......
Sex, SL&R

Sex After Babies…Does it Get Any Better Than This?

1October 25, 2019
I didn’t even think it was possible, but I am having the best sex of my ENTIRE life...after two kids...
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Mommi, Where Do Babies Come From?

0October 25, 2019
Do you avoid the question? Is this an uncomfortable conversation for you to have? If your kids are at an......
Marriage, SL&R

All Men Cheat!

1October 24, 2019
Yes, I said it! And this is not one of those blogs that makes a sharp left turn and implies......
I confess!, Love & Relationships, Marriage, MommiHood, Parenting, SL&R, The NO Judgment Zone

How to know when enough is enough…

0October 24, 2019
As time went on, however, daily sex routines turned into once in a while. Date nights were a thing that...
Love & Relationships, SL&R

5 Tips for a Successful Marriage

1October 23, 2019
I have to be honest with you, when I found out MommiNation was doing a series on love and relationships......
Marriage, SL&R

Are You Speaking My Love Language?

1October 23, 2019
Now You’re Speaking My Language There is a quote that says “find someone who speaks your language so you will......
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Don’t Marry Outside of Your Race…

0October 22, 2019
Don’t marry outside of your race. Never date someone who has a different background than your background. Definitely don’t link......
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Mourning Your Single Self

0October 22, 2019
Congratulations! You are in the relationship that you always dreamed of whether you are married or just committed to the......

How I’m Intentional About Loving My Husband 

3October 21, 2019