• Do you avoid the question? Is this an uncomfortable conversation for you to have?
  • If your kids are at an age where you think it’s time to discuss, don’t wait for them to bring it up. Initiate the discussion on your own
  • Why proper names for body parts are important
  • When should you start to have “the talk”
  • The earlier the better, better odds to make good decisions and avoid them asking their friends and getting misinformation (be sure to let them know to keep the info to themselves and not to share with friends)
  • Reference situation with Dre on the basketball bus
  • Puberty starts between ages 10-13 so important to discuss period and ejaculation before it starts
  • Should it come from same sex parent?
  • How much is too much information?
  • The key is having lots of little conversations
  • Let them know everything they’re experiencing is norma

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a M.O.M.