There are many challenges a Black mother will face when her breastfeeding journey begins. One of the most common difficulties is finding the sweet spot for both her and her baby. Luckily, relaxation and comfort are achievable with the role of a quality breastfeeding pillow.

Aids in Postural Support for the Mother

A quality breastfeeding pillow plays a vital role for a mother to have a successful and relaxing experience while nursing. The pillow serves as the support for a baby while still allowing the mother to sit upright, relax, and bring the baby to the breast.

Mothers commonly drop down and bend their back and neck to take the breast to the baby. This action could leave a lasting impact on the mother’s posture, but it could also hinder effective latching techniques and adequate supply rates. Investing in a nursing pillow will play a role in overall success while allowing a mother to remain comfortable.

Offers a Baby a Place To Relax

Another key ingredient to a successful breastfeeding journey is allowing the baby to get fully comfortable in their position while nursing. A baby’s comfort aids in their ability to maintain their own posture, latch accurately and sufficiently, and swallow appropriately. The pillow is where the infant will brace their body and receive the most support while nursing.

Many mothers find that breastfeeding discomfort occurs most often if the baby is in a poor position. A quality breastfeeding pillow is a must-have breastfeeding discomfort solution that can rectify the situation.

Lends a Hand in the Latching and Position

Once your baby is comfortable and relaxed, you will have an easier time navigating the latch and position. Generally speaking, a nursing baby is a content baby. You should be able to adjust their body per your needs, given they remain latched properly and receive their milk.

It’s not uncommon to need to adjust in the seat while nursing, as sessions can vary in length and sometimes result in your baby falling asleep. Use the breastfeeding pillow to your advantage to create an ideal position for your baby to remain latched while you’re both seated. After all, you may both be there for a while!

Can I Use Any Pillow?

Many suggest that you need to use a nursing-specific pillow while breastfeeding. But these suggestions only hold firm for those with the body type to permit donut-shaped pillows. If you are shorter in height and prefer a bed pillow, you can use it instead so long as it provides the support needed for both you and your baby. Similarly, if you’re tall, you may need the traditional nursing pillow to bring your baby closer to the breast.

While a quality breastfeeding pillow is not a mandatory investment, it plays a fundamental role in your and your nursing baby’s dynamics. It’s essential to remember that comfort levels matter just as much as the baby’s latch. For Black mothers to maintain a successful breastfeeding journey, it’s vital to rely on external support aids that align with you best.