In the past, American children often shared bedrooms with their siblings because of space restrictions. But now, many parents choose to have their children share a bedroom as an important part of their development.

A shared kids’ bedroom can be a wonderful option for many families. Learn the best reasons for siblings to share a room.

1. It Improves Social Skills

One benefit of siblings sharing a room is that it improves their social skills. During peaceful and stressful times, children will learn to communicate more effectively to let their siblings know what they want and how they feel. They will also learn how to set and respect boundaries. And since they will face the challenges of a shared space together, they can become more empathetic.

While some misunderstandings or arguments might require an adult’s input, your kids should be able to sort through most difficulties on their own. Give them the tools they need and let them know you’re always there for them.

2. It Provides a Sense of Security

Another great reason for siblings to share a room is that it provides a sense of security for the kids. From babyhood, children love to have company—having a companion makes almost anything easier or less scary, including going to sleep at night. A child sharing a room with their sibling can feel comforted because they’re not alone, and this can result in more sleep for the whole family.

While children can be comforted by each other, it’s important that they also have their own space. Maximizing the space in your kids’ room so that they each have their own private areas is another way to provide security.

3. Siblings Develop a Deeper Bond

Finally, the best benefit of a shared room is that siblings develop a deeper bond. Childhood is a special time for siblings to grow a relationship that has the potential to become a lifelong closeness.

By sharing a room, kids get to know each other deeply, uniquely, and in their own setting. For many adults looking back on their childhoods, the special time of sharing a bedroom with a sibling becomes a treasured memory.