May 2nd-May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week!

“Teaching is a Work of Heart”: Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teaching is one of the most rewarding yet challenging professions. From early childhood education to high school, teachers work tirelessly to shape and educate the minds of our youth. In most cases, they are often under paid, under supplied and under-staffed. Through it all, they manage to show up for our children on a daily basis. Celebrate your child/children’s teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!

What can I gift my teacher?

As a former teacher, some of my favorite gifts came from my students. There were lots of handmade cards, self-portraits and my most favorite a giant hug from my kiddos.

Currently, I have a binder full of cards and pictures from my former students. One of my most favorite treasures is a purple rock from one of my “muffins.” He knew purple was my favorite color and just had to give it to me.

Hand-made gifts

  • a handwritten note-most teachers are able to translate the misspelled words (it doesn’t have to be perfect).
  • a picture or poem-I loved seeing how my students “saw” me. One leg may have been longer than the other. My afro may have been crooked. In my eyes, it was just perfect!
  • Fill out a teacher survey-interview your children and find out what they love about their teachers.

Gift card ideas

  • restaurant gift cards are a favorite. Teachers work long days. Sometimes they come home from a long day of work and barely want to cook. Gift a meal.
  • Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or favorite coffee shop-Caffeine gets most teachers through the day. This is a favorite of many.
  • Amazon, Target, Walmart- Have you seen a teacher’s classroom? Majority of the supplies in there are purchased with their own money. In addition, they may just want to get something for themselves.
  • Wine!! Yes, we love your children, but even deep down you know that little Tyrone can be a handle full sometimes. Thank your teacher with a gift card towards some libations. Also, glass may not be allowed inside of the building. So, to be safe, the gift card is easiest.

Get creative

Do you know your teacher’s favorite snacks? Here’s how you can get creative with those gift tags to look like a Pinterest rockstar!

  • What’s your teacher’s favorite type of chip? I think you’re all that and a bag of chips!
  • Buy a bag of their favorite chocolates. How Sweet It Is to Be Taught by You!
  • Have starbursts? You are a STAR teacher.
  • Grab a pack of Lifesavers. You have been a lifesaver this year!
  • Purchase some fun teacher socks. This year has been TOE-tally awesome!
  • Does your teacher love mac and cheese or Cheez-its? Not to sound cheezie, but I think you’re awesome!

You can be creative without breaking the bank. Creativity goes a long way. Recently, a student brought in Kitt Katt’s with a label saying, “I wanted to make sure I gave you a break!” That gave the best laughs.

Self-care gifts

Often times, teachers end their days without giving back to themselves. They are not only teachers; they are counselors, storytellers, artists, nurses, bus drivers, project managers…the list goes on. Fill their cups with the gift of self-care.


One of the best gifts you can give your teacher is being active in your student’s classroom. Offer to come in and cut or label items for the bulletin board. Or, come in and read to the class! Kids love seeing their parents in their schools.

Are you not able to come in? Send in supplies for an upcoming project. Offer to send out emails and reminders during the week. Donate books to the classroom library.

Teachers appreciate the effort. The teacher/parent partnership ensures the best for everyone. Communicate often! That effort shows the teacher how much you are invested into your child’s care.

“Thank You”

“Thank You.” Two small words, that mean the world. Gratitude. It doesn’t matter the amount on the gift card, it truly is the thought that counts. To be considered.

Thank you to all the teachers, staff, bus drivers, nurses, principals and volunteers. Your work is incredible. It takes a BIG heart to shape SMALL minds.

With love,


Please share any other ideas for Teacher Appreciation. If you use one mentioned above, please tag us in your pictures or comment below.