First of all, Thank y’all lovely ladies for being here! Before you continue reading, I want every mom to do this with me. Whether you are a new mom, single mom, step-mom, or god mom as long as you have someone calling you mom – Let’s do this! Give yourself a big hug and say I am (Say Your Name) and I’m More Than A Mommi. Repeat 2X…Fantastic! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!? Also, you can make this part of your daily affirmation routine. You will enjoy the results!


Who am I?

I’m a caribbean girl from the beautiful island of Jamaica, entrepreneur and influencer, who loves Jesus, my family, traveling, and most definitely I’m a foodie. Married my second husband (Army Veteran) with whom I raise our loving daughters and blended family.  I’m a girl mom of two, I’m not defined by motherhood and I’m glad you remembered – I’m More Than A Mommi!

So, I entered motherhood on October 23, 2009. Had so many emotions. Of course excitement, nervousness, you name it. Like, I was in denial that I pushed a tiny human being out of me. I needed more than three days to fully process the whole thing! Who can relate!? The one thing I was very sure about as a young mom was my responsibility to care and protect my baby by all means. With that clarity I knew I was good to go. I was ready for this new journey called motherhood at the young age of 24. 


Bringing baby home!



Who are my influencers? 

With the help of the popular book “What to Expect The First Year” by Heidi Murkoff, combined with my mother and grandmother giving their advise and tips, I felt pretty confident things were under control. Oh, wait! I I forgot to add all the aunts, uncles, and friends to that list (wink emoji). Let me tell you, it was quite the opposite. Organized chaos!!! No amount of book and advice can compare to having that physical assistance after bringing baby home. That is what I wish I had experienced the most. Having my mother and grandmother by my side starting out my motherhood journey. Fortunately, with technology my mother and grandmother gave all the support and assistance they possibly could with living in Jamaica.

In addition, my physical appearance took awhile to adjust to pre-baby state. Let’s just say everything changed entirely. My emotional and mental state changed forever. There was a complete adjustment to our household operations and lifestyle. However, there was one thing I didn’t want motherhood to take from me. That was my goals and aspirations. 


Where do my focus come from? 

The answer is: My very own Mother. During my excitement to let my mom know that she will soon be a grandmother she wasn’t as excited at first. I just couldn’t understand why. After all, in my view I thought I did everything right. Well, let’s see! I Got married at 22 years old, achieved Honors with Bachelors degree and major plus, I was not living under my mother’s roof. In fact I was in a whole different country, remember! So what was the issue!?


Let me state that I love my Mother with all my heart and I’m her only child. She’s a single mom and had such amazing support to help her raise me into the woman I am today. But when I heard her breakdown all the things she wanted to accomplish before becoming a Mother and didn’t because I became her priority and focus in life to care and provide for. I knew I didn’t want to repeat that cycle. So I made it a mission to show my mother that I CAN and I WILL take on motherhood and accomplish my goals because I’m more than a mommi. I made the decision to not allow my newborn baby or motherhood to get in the way of furthering my education to secure a managerial level Corporate America job. So three months after the birth of my daughter, I started my MBA program very much dedicated to stick to achieving my goals.




Who or what motivates me?

With hard work and commitment you can achieve anything. As my grandmother would say – nothing good comes easy. I remember taking my daughter to classes with me in the evening after my professors approved. After a few classes with my baby on board things grew into discomfort and I knew I had to find another solution. Making the decision to have my daughter spend time with her grandmother so that I can finish up school was hard to do but also the best decision I made. I completed my graduate program in the target time set and graduated with Honors achieving my Masters degree in Business.

Every obstacle after that, I had a confidence of overcoming it until the unthinkable happened. In 2013 I lost a big part of my heart – my dear grandmother. Her loss literally ripped me apart. I haven’t been the same. Then things greatly shifted months later when I was faced with that dreaded ‘D’ word . The marriage of almost 7 years and relationship built 10 years… ended. So I clinged to what I knew no one could take from me. My love for Jesus and love of HIS greatest blessing – my daughter. 



How do I view myself Today?


Let me admit I felt lost for a while, depressed and all, but this journey of life has many seasons. You just have to get up, brush yourself off and keep going. I did just that. Between a new marriage, moving to a new state, being a new mom I strongly believe I was given a fresh start. Thanks be to God!

Many thanks to my blogger journey with Mommination. I felt a spark that lighted the way to finding my purpose in my life. Realizing my experiences in life was all apart of Gods plan for my life. Now I can walk in full purpose with a passion to inspire and help others achieve their goals.


Roxanne Cowans Is More Than A Mommi


If there’s anything you take away from this, I need you to remember that you are not defined by your past and you are not defined by motherhood. Yes, it is a great blessing to be a Mommi but who you are does not end there. You Are So Much More! Let me show you.


Prior to being a Mommi – You were a WIFE, FIANCE, BAE!


Before you were a Wife, Fiance, Bae – You were a FRIEND!


Before you were a Friend – You were a DAUGHTER!


Prior to being a Daughter – You were HIS! And Still Is!


YES, you are fearfully, beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image! Take that step to discovering your purpose and all you are created to be! Do you believe You Are More Than A Mommi!? If Yes, let’s connect… click here!


I’m Roxanne Cowans. I’m More Than A Mommi and AND SO ARE YOU!!!