Mother’s Day is May 8th! Have you bought your gifts yet?

Mommination recently polled our audience to find out what the most popular, desired and anticipated gift would be for Mother’s Day. Do you have any guesses on what it could be? Survey says….”alone time.”

Mother’s Day Mishaps

I can clearly recall proudly presenting my mother with a necklace that I made in preschool. It was made of the finest macaroni noodles that Food Lion could supply. I poured my heart into delicately painting each curved piece of noodle. Stringing the noodles onto the tiniest of string, brought upon several beads of sweat. I couldn’t mess it up. This was for my mommy! She was going to love it!

On Mother’s Day, I remember her proudly adorning her neck with my creation. Picaso didn’t have nothing on me! This was the gift of legends.

About three weeks later, my masterpiece wound up in the garbage can. I don’t blame my mom. That necklace started to grow something we later found was mold on it.

As a mother now, I understand the gift of creativity from our kiddos. They are our broke besties, who do the best that they can, with what resources they have. If they could afford a trip to South Beach, I bet you they would peddle their little Lego sets in a heartbeat. Fill out this fun survey with your kiddo and give it to Mom.

Evergreen gifts

Evergreen gifts are a safe go to for Mom.

You can never fail with flowers, a plant of some sort or a succulent. For those of you with a green thumb, perhaps a starter kit for a garden. A gift basket containing garden essentials, seeds, gloves and a visor.

Jewlery is another great gift idea. Purchase a gift that holds some sentiment like a mother’s ring. A bangle engraved with the name of your child/children. Make sure it is made from a precious metal and not noodles.

Do you have a fashionista in your family? Perhaps a gift card to her favorite store. Take her on a shopping trip and let her pick out an outfit or two. If you know her sizes, perhaps update her wardrobe with some new shoes.

Purses come in all shapes and sizes. You can never go wrong with a great handbag.

Subscription gifts

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription service. There are several companies that offer meal planning kits. Clothing companies, like Stitch Fix, offer a monthly plan that coordinates several outfits for individuals.  Mommination has our own subscription service. By signing up, you become a Mombassador! You earn early access to merchandise, discounts, a book club. We meet monthly with fantastic speakers curated just for our audience. There are several incentives to becoming a Mombassador!

Cleaning service/Laundry service

Free up some of her time and give her the gift of a cleaning service. Laundry is not on the favorite things to do list, perhaps gift a laundry service. By freeing up time from mundane chores, there will be more time to spend with family. Acts of Service is high on the Love Languages list.

Selfcare gifts

The word “selfcare” is thrown around a lot in motherhood. Some people confuse it with day-to-day tasks like showering, grocery shopping alone or taking a nap.

Moms deserve to hang up their capes at the end of the day and indulge in something just for them.

Gift Mommi with a massage membership! Her shoulders are tired from carrying the daily routine of the entire house. Treat her to multiple massages. She kept everyone alive at the end of the day! Those shoulders need some love.

Pedicure, manicure, facials…OH MY! Have you looked at the hands of Mommies. These are the hands that shape minds and wipe butts! They need some attention!

When was the last time you got your hair done? Take your loved one to the salon!

Time Alone!!!

When was the last time you were able to us the bathroom by yourself? With the door shut! Without little fingers prying through the bottom of the door to get it open?

Though we love our children deeply, it is imperative that we take time away from them!

Gift Mommi a trip!

It can be as simple as a hotel room alone for 48 hours. Order room service. Go to the spa. Indulge in the fact that you can eat a grown-up meal and not have to share!

Mommination is taking a trip to Jamaica during Mother’s Day weekend! Our Mommies are going to be spoiled rotten by Sanya, Mykal and Destiny. They will return home with their cups full and invigorated.

Honorable Mentions

You are appreciated

No matter what you choose to purchase for Mother’s Day, it is the thought that counts.

Mommies just want to feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Outside is open now, celebrate safely and enjoy your time with the special lady in your life.

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day from Mommination.

Mommi Shanaye

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