Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Hey Mommi! Have you finished shopping yet? Girl, have you even started?! I know I haven’t put a thing under the tree (my tree still isn’t up yet). Need to find a last-minute gift? We got you! Use this gift guide as your shopping inspiration.

Now where do we start? Them kids…

Fun Gifts for the kiddos

If your kids are anything like mine, their Christmas lists have changed about 50-11 times! Every five minutes, one of them is walking up to me with something closely resembling a CVS receipt.

After doing a quick survey of each of their rooms, and a sweep under the beds, I realized they don’t need another thing. Half of the things I got them last year are in a closet or under the bed.

Below, I provided a list of gifts that are experiences that the whole family can enjoy.

Plan a trip

Take them on a fun staycation in your local city or town. Ditch the whole house! Go to a local hotel, eat room service and just enjoy being away.  Along the way, go to local museum, theme park or athletic game. Not in the budget, clear out the living room, and have a camping trip inside. Set up a tent or build a fort out of blankets and pillows. Make smores and eat a fun charcuterie board.

Game night basket

Have board game lovers? Create a basket of new board games that you can enjoy as a family. Our family loves a good UNO tournament (although someone gets a little heavy handed with the Draw 4s).

Movie night

Since DVDs are pretty much dinosaurs, go to your favorite streaming service and make a day of binge watching your favorite movies. Use old moving boxes and create a drive-in experience. Concession style dinner will be a hit with your family. Design tickets on Canva or even have the kids create them.

Mommies, we make it hard on ourselves stressing over the gifts. Give the gift of presence to your children while you can. Yes, they may want toys or video games, but at the end of the day, those things are just things that will get lost or broken at some point in the year.

Physical activity

Previously I mentioned video games, my kids will play all day if I let them.  Let’s get these kids up and moving! Search your area for local trampoline parks. Try bowling, skating or even tubing if it is available in your area.

Have teenagers, take them to an indoor go-cart track.  Also, many miniature golf places have laser tag that the older kiddos will love.

Check your local banks for discounted tickets to local amusement parks and museums. Sometimes, the local museums offer memberships that come with great discounts.

Subscriptions or classes

Does your child like to cook? Sign them up for a cooking class series. How fun will it be to watch them explore their tastebuds and discover a new talent.

Singing run in the family? Try a new instrument or music lessons. Guitar Center offers lessons. Research local voice teachers or business owners looking for new students.

Swim lessons are always a hit. In preparation for a summer trip, gift swimming lessons. Water safety is so important for the whole family.

Try a karate, gymnastics or dance class.

Is there a budding scientist in your home? There are some outstanding STEAM classes and subscriptions available.

Investing in their talents and imaginations goes a long way.

I told you this guide was gonna shake things up a bit. Simplify those lists and narrow them down to something they want, need, read and can wear. Combining one of the gifts above, with those four things, will make shopping less of a hassle. 

Gifts for Dad

Let’s give it up for the hard-working Dads! They deserve great gifts too. So, gift them with some time with the kiddos while you go have some fun! LOL!  Just kidding (maybe).

Thinking of gifts for my partner is always tricky. The man has all the tools and sneakers to match.

Let’s gift Dad with something different this year.

Send Dad to the Golf Course

If your partner enjoys spending time at the golf course, possibly gift him with a gift card to your local facility. Or take a trip to Top Golf. Top Golf is fun for all ages. Any of the activities suggested for the kids, also apply to dad. If he is a sports guy, gifting athletic tickets to local teams will be a guaranteed hit. Mini golf, bowling and go-carting are also for Dad. Dads get to be the “fun parent” most times.

Gaming Experience

I can’t afford a VR headset at the moment. The price alone makes me stutter! There are VR experiences to gift the gamer in your family. In my city, there are gaming facilities that allow you to drop in and play uninterrupted for a few hours.

Sneaker Head Gifts

Is Dad a sneaker lover? There are so many sneakers inspired gifts to choose from. Have a bunch of sneakers and nowhere to store them? Invest in sneaker capsules. Did you know there are subscription boxes for sneaker heads? Blog site; has several ideas for the sneaker lover in your house.

Consumables (something to sink his teeth in)

The way to Dad’s heart could be through his belly! Here, is a great item for the grill. Or order some of his favorite snacks and create a fun gift box! Some boxes come premade.

Gifts for Mommi

To be honest, creating a list for myself is always difficult. Unknowingly, I focus on the kids and often find myself last on my own list. Not this year!

Mommi this is for you!

New Undergarments

Sis, when was the last time you bought some new undergarments? Let me share. My son is 12 and I have underwear that is the same age as him! Throw those old ones away and replace them with something new.

Get Your Hair Done

Yes, I said it! Get your hair done! We take the kids to the barbershop and salon regularly. Yet, our hair is holding on by a thread. Visits to the salon should not be a treat but a form of regular self-care maintenance. The feeling of freshly done hair is something indescribable. Let my hair be done and my outfit be right, I am unstoppable! Suggest to family members or friends to put a gift card under the tree to your favorite stylist.

The Gift of Time alone

This is the gift of a lifetime! As mommies, we barely can use the bathrooms by ourselves without little fingers sliding up under the door frame. They ALWAYS find us! So, if you want to take that staycation by yourself, go for it! Filling your cup doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. As the stewardess says, “place your oxygen mask on first, then help your child.” Some of us are tapped out! Suffocating! Get some air Mommi! Take some me time!

Do not leave yourself off of the list! As a matter of fact, move yourself to the top!

There are several obvious gifts that we can name. For more ideas, refer to our Mother’s Day gift guide for items she is sure to love.

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Be Blessed

Don’t let the holiday blues get you down! Stressing over budgets and lists makes things so overwhelming. Give yourself a break and do something fun. Try one of the suggestions above for last minute shopping ideas. Remember your presence is the true gift. Do something fun with the ones you love!

Mommi Shanaye