The thought of traveling with children can bring great anxiety to some people, especially if you
are traveling by airplane. But, it does not have to if you follow these 7 tips when traveling with children.

I did not travel much as a child. But the minute I became a mother I knew that I would not only
do my best to give my daughter the world, I would also do my best to show her the world. You
often hear people say “oh they are so young they’ll never remember” or “they are children they
do not deserve it or will not appreciate it”. While I understand people parent their children
differently and that babies will not really remember much of their travels from early ages,
exposing them to different cultures and environments can be a great thing, and we currently live
in the age where we capture “EVERYTHING” so being able to show them all the places they
have been can be great bonding moments later in life.

I first traveled with Mikenzi when she was just 6 months old. Not only was this her first flight, I
was a first time mom and my husband was not traveling with us so this was my first flight
traveling alone with her. While I was nervous, wondering if I packed everything and if I packed
enough of everything, I found comfort in knowing that since we were only traveling back to my
hometown that if I did forget something I could just purchase it when we landed.
While many people do make the decision to not travel with children, that decision is theirs to
make. But if you are ready to make that move but unsure of how to pull off your first trip,
below are some tips to make traveling with children a bit easier.


Pre-Book- Book as much as you can for the trip in advance. Flights, hotels, rental cars,
activities, dining, etc. Booking things in advance can help reduce the stress of having to find
things to do once you arrive at your destination. Booking early can also get you discounts. Don’t
forget to also ask if they have discounted kids pricing on things.

Pack Early-Packing early allows you to take inventory of everything you have and anything you
may still need to get.

Arrive Early- If you are traveling by plane, train or bus. Be sure to give yourself enough time to
get there and check any bags and go through any security protocols. If you are traveling by
plane with any baby formula or milk they will pull you to the side to check your bag. So plan an
arrival time of at least 2hrs before your departure so that you are not feeling rushed.

Must Haves:

Travel Documents– Be sure to make copies of birth certificates, passports, shot records etc
and keep them handy in your carry on bag if traveling by plane or purse for easy access. While
TSA does not require children under 18 to provide documentation when traveling in the US it is
always a good idea to travel with some form of identification when traveling with children under
18. For children 14days and younger or if your child will be traveling as a lap child,
documentation may be required. If traveling outside of the US regardless of age a
passport will be required.

Activities– No matter the mode of transportation for your trip, be sure to bring age appropriate
activities to keep children busy and “cut down” it won’t stop it lol but it will reduce the infamous
question “Are we there yet” lol. Things like coloring books, reading books, cards, tablets, are
good things to keep kids occupied for a while.

HeadphonesIf you packed a laptop or tablet for your child you can not forget the headphones. If
you are traveling by plane and traveling with a small child. Noise canceling headphones are
great especially during take off and landing. If your child does not have a tablet or laptop and
you are traveling by plane. Some planes have tv’s on the seat backs and you can plug your
headphones to enjoy tv, movies and games. Check out this link for top suggested noise
canceling headphones.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks– Never leave home without them lolll!!! No matter the mode of
transportation for your trip, having snacks handy will be a life saver!!! Be sure to pack snacks
you know your child loves. If traveling by plane be sure to remember no liquids over 3.4oz will
make it through the security checkpoint, but any liquids you buy in the airport can go on the
plane with you. (Liquid formula, breast milk, toddler drinks, and baby/toddler food; including
puree pouches in quantities greater than 3.4oz or 100 milliliters are allowed in your carry on).


Well, there you have it. 7 tips for traveling with children to help make your first travel adventure with
your child a success. Now, nothing hardly ever goes as planned so expect that some things may go
wrong and you may encounter some bumps along the way. But do not panic, just relax and make note
of any challenges you can make better for your next trip. Traveling with children does get easier;
you just have to get the first trip out of the way. Now go book that flight and reserve that room
and create memories that will last a lifetime!!!!

Wishing you joy and safe travels,

Mommi Marlene
~The Traveling Brown Girl~