For many moms, it’s easy for personal fitness to take a back seat to all the other responsibilities and concerns in life. But prioritizing your health improves your overall well-being and fuels all your endeavors.

One of the best ways to work out as a busy mom is to sign up for a virtual fitness class. Get the most out of your workout with these tips for enjoying a virtual fitness class.

1. Find Your Perfect Fit

For a virtual fitness class to work for you, it’s crucial that you sign up for something that suits you best. What another person enjoys and wants from a fitness routine might differ from your preferences and goals. There’s a class out there for everyone.

Consider your fitness level and what you want the workout to accomplish. You might want to strength train, improve your running, enhance your flexibility, or find a workout routine that helps you maintain inner balance. What you love can move you more than anything else, so find a workout you enjoy, not just something you feel you must do.

2. Prep Your Space

Another tip for enjoying a virtual fitness class is to prep a designated workout space in your home. Even with a versatile home floor plan, carving out a workout space can help strengthen and support your intentions. Even doing this in a small corner of a room can transform it.

Use practical storage solutions to keep your workout equipment organized. Even leaving simple equipment, like a workout mat or jump rope, in the same place every day does wonders for transforming a space into a personal home gym.

3. Vary Your Workout

Don’t forget to change it up every now and then. Trying different fitness classes helps keep the experience new and exciting, and you’ll strengthen and improve various parts of your body with this approach.

When thinking of other workouts to try, consider your experiences and the equipment you already have. You can use the equipment in new ways to make the most of your resources and grow your personal capabilities. For example, there are a lot of alternative ways to use stall bars at home, including for Pilates and even martial arts training.

4. Socialize

Socializing with others will lift you up, motivate you, and make your workout more enjoyable. The more you interact with your instructor, the more you can get out of the class.

Consider socializing with your fitness classmates on social media. You could also create a group chat with your workout buddies to stay in touch outside of class and encourage each other.

Of course, you don’t have to work out alone! Whether you sign up with a friend or meet new people online, consider doing some workouts together in person for a change of pace.