Have you ever experienced a natural high of good emotions, that you can’t seem to
explain or even understand? Well honey, let me be the first to tell you that last weekend
owes me nothing and you will see below in the MommiNation Brunch Recap; Why I chose MommiNation.

MomminNation Brunch Recap

The euphoria of being in attendance with a room full of like-minded
individuals who came together to support an amazing cause. From the time I entered the building
to check in for the event, everything went so smoothly. I loved how we were escorted to our
seats by respectful young men, who even greeted us with a beautiful flower to take to our table.
I thought that was super cute and thoughtful. It had me thinking “I could get used to this, lol”.
After attending the MommiNation brunch, I left feeling fuller than ever. Full of life, motivation,
encouragement, support, good vibes, good food, and a room full of amazing and beautiful BIPOC.
From the hosts, speakers, and honorees, down to the DJ, everything was splendid. Did I mention
that the DJ was a woman as well? Yes, and yes, DJ Traci Steele showed up and showed out for the
99 & the 2000’s, okay!!!

Why I Chose MommiNation

Before becoming a mombassador, I was in a tough space, mentally and physically. Even though I
have accomplished many achievements both personally and professionally, this year has been a year of
trial and tribulations, along with trying to find myself and discover my purpose. Being a strong-minded
and guarded woman, I always felt like I didn’t fit in, even when I tried to make myself fit in for the sake
of others and their feelings. Although my upbringing wasn’t the best, I knew I could achieve more and
didn’t have to settle for less, just because of my childhood.  When I joined MommiNation, I instantly felt
like I already knew and loved all the ladies prior to meeting them in person. As a birth and postpartum
doula, childbirth educator, midwife assistant, instructor, and more, I have a strong passion for serving
women and children in my community. When I saw that MommiNation represented the same passion, it
was a no-brainer to join the team. The welcoming feeling, I received is what made me even more
passionate about being a mombassador for MommiNation. I have been involved with organizations and
social groups in the past which left me feeling more traumatized mentally. MommiNation for sure lives
up to its mission statement and beliefs. To personally be able to reach out to all the ladies if I were in
need or just need to vent, says, and means a lot to me. After losing my dad in 2020 and dealing with a
mother who’s currently battling with substance abuse, I often feel alone and sometimes embarrassed
because I don’t have the support that a lot of people have. I felt so alone around people who promised
to be there for me but still turned their backs on me.  Even though I always make a way, I still need and
want my mom in my life. Instead of going into a dark place, I promised myself that I would not let my
daughter see me in that state again. This time around I relied on my faith and knew that better things
are coming.

I’m truly so grateful for MommiNation. I feel so revived and alive, I know that MommiNation
is the perfect fit for me.

Mommi Lakesha