Summer isn’t the only time to go on vacation. Winter travel is popular, too. This year, plan something for the whole crew. Check out the best winter vacation destinations for families and book your trip soon!

Anaheim, California

One word. Disneyland. Anaheim, California, is home to the iconic Disneyland. Despite the warm climate, this destination doesn’t lack holiday spirit. Enjoy the fun lights and multicultural festivities. Celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa with the musical stylings of The Mistletoes. The vocal ensemble definitely brings rhythm and soul to Disney.

The whole family can enjoy rides, attractions, and tasty food. There is always something to do! If you’re seeking a winter weekend getaway, Disneyland is a great option.

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful place during the wintertime. The mountains glisten, and the snowfall is gorgeous. Everything looks like the scene from a holiday movie. If you’re looking for an adventure rush, hit the Denver slopes with your family.

You should also consider other outdoor activities such as hikes. In fact, St. Mary’s Glaciers is an awesome winter hike to experience in Colorado. It’s short with a moderate trail and perfect for quick exercise with a scenic view. Afterward, head to the lodge and sip hot cocoa with the fam.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is a fantastic winter vacation destination for families. Picture wood lodges, holiday parades, and seasonal activities. Throughout December, the city offers various activities and attractions. Tour beautiful Christmas lights, eat breakfast with Santa, or play board games in the cabin. This destination is the perfect place for true winter fun. Enjoy the lovely snowfall and quality time with loved ones.

Maui, Hawaii

Want to get away from the snow and cold weather? Maui is the ultimate destination. Swim in the ocean, soak up the sunrays, or take advantage of hotel amenities. Maui is great for chill and adventurous families. Let the adventure crew enjoy surfing and snorkeling and let the chill group book massages and enjoy lounging by the pool. Regardless of your activity preference, Maui is a notable vacation spot.

Winter Travel Tips

Winter travel is stressful, especially around the holidays. While planning your family trip, remember to check flights and stay up to date with the weather. An unexpected storm can derail plans. Furthermore, book vacations early! Flights, hotels, and excursions are more expensive since companies expect an influx of customers. You can also catch good deals before price hikes!