You will hear a lot of talk about what you can and can’t eat while pregnant. But what about what you can or can’t eat while trying to conceive? In this article, we’ll discuss some nourishing foods to try when trying to conceive to help get you and your body ready for a future baby and delivery.

The Red Meat Alternative: Salmon

High volumes of red meat can hinder your progress on your conception journey. But swapping red meat for salmon is an excellent alternative.

If you intend on having a natural birth, home birth, or water birth, ensure your body is ready while trying to conceive so that you can support yourself throughout the entire process. It’s never too early to find a midwife and prepare for home birth by asking questions, like which foods to eat when during the conceiving part of the process. Likely, they’ll tell you that nourishing, high-fat foods, such as salmon, are the fertility wonder foods.

Vitamins From Citrus

Fruits with high acidity levels also contain the wonderful powers of Vitamin C. One of the best ways to support your body’s ovulation cycle is with Vitamin C because it can encourage the release of the egg. This function and release are vital in the ovulation phase if you want to secure the release within the desired windows.

Additionally, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your immune system with naturally occurring vitamin levels during the conception process. When you have a successful pregnancy, your immune system will begin working in overdrive, so strengthening it beforehand is essential.

Eat Avocado

Avocado is an exceptional high-fat food that can support your Vitamin K levels and nourish your future baby’s womb space. There’s a considerable amount of folate in avocados, which plays a vital role during pregnancy. Increasing these vitamin stores while trying to conceive can set your future baby up for success.

Anything Green

Avocado is green, but in addition to that, you should consider eating almost any other green vegetable or fruit. The power of green foods is unparalleled, from broccoli, kale, and spinach to green apples.

These foods are significantly high in Vitamins A and C and folate. Broccoli specifically adds a considerable amount of calcium and protein, so if you’re vegetarian, reducing meat intake, or experiencing aversion, this is a great green solution.

Eggs Your Way

No matter how you prefer them, eggs are an excellent nourishing food to eat when trying to conceive. Eggs are an excellent source of monounsaturated DHAs, vital proteins, vitamins such as B12 and E, and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s typical to eat eggs for breakfast but consider creating an egg salad, brunch sandwich, or hardboiled eggs for snacks to spread your intake a little more evenly.

Nourishing your body during your TTC journey plays a significant role in conception, pregnancy, and birth outcomes. Viewing the process as one whole experience is essential. Then, break it down into separate phases. Each phase will require something new of you, and nourishing your body is your best defense against unfavorable outcomes.