There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your kids grow into well-adjusted adults. However, growing up means they depend on you less, and you may struggle to connect with them like you did when they were young. Fortunately, spending time with your grown-up kids is easy if you have the right idea.

No matter what stage of life they’re in, your children still benefit from a good relationship with their parents. Just because your kids are grown doesn’t mean you stop being a mother. Here are some fun activities to help you bond with your adult children.

Go on a Parent-Child Date

With technology so deeply intertwined in our everyday lives, it’s hard to remember to interact with your kids in person. Sometimes, it’s easier to catch up through text messages, emails, and social media. Put the phones down and go on a parent-child date to reconnect without a screen. Going out to dinner for drinks and conversation is a great way to reinforce the strength of your relationship.

Learn a New Skill

One reason why parent-child relationships suffer in adulthood is because of relationship dynamics. Your kids might find it difficult to see you as something other than an authority figure. Break out of that role by learning a new skill together. Whether it’s taking a cooking class or learning a new language, you’ll surprise yourself with how effective leveling the playing field is for improving your connection.

Go on an Adventure

Taking risks and exploring new terrain is another fun activity to help you bond with your adult children. Camping, road trips, and nature walks give people an opportunity to broaden their horizons while rebuilding familial relationships. Even if you aren’t an “outdoorsy” person, you can go on an adventure with your child to a theme park or explore other, non-nature-inspired interests.

Have a Family Night

There’s nothing quite like a night in to help your child remember the joys of being a kid. Plan a family movie night where you watch their favorite childhood movies or schedule a game night full of friendly competition. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, so capitalize on that emotion and bond with your kids by recreating fun nights as a family.

Taking time to make plans and have fun is essential if you want to form a long-lasting relationship with your kids. No matter what you do, your children will appreciate the effort you’ve put in to be a part of their adult lives.