When parents send their kids off to college, they hope they will enjoy their time away, explore a new setting, and discover new facets of their personalities. But some students struggle in college. If you’re concerned about how your child is getting along while at school, here are some potential reasons why your child might be struggling in college.

Bad Study Habits

Students who could excel in high school just by memorizing facts for the exam may be in for a rude awakening once they enter college. In college settings, professors expect students to be critical thinkers and observe the material with a well-informed, studious eye.

Doing this requires time, effort, and practice. If your child isn’t well-versed in this kind of approach, they may need some time to catch up. Encourage them to meet with their teachers or TAs during office hours.

Poor Hearing

It may surprise parents to learn how many students fall behind in their college classes because of hearing problems. If they can’t hear their teachers, you can’t expect them to excel in the classroom. Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) are the perfect gift for students falling behind due to their hearing.


Anybody who has ever been through college can tell you it’s stressful. When faced with the new responsibilities and freedoms of a college education, some students buckle under the pressure. There’s too much to decide. Choosing a roommate, picking a major, creating a course load: this is the perfect space for self-doubt and uncertainty to distract one from their studies. One reason your child might be struggling in college is they are full of horrible uncertainty.

Adult Bullying

In many ways, it’s easier for students to make friends in college than in high school. There are enough after-school programs to keep most students engaged with campus life. However, some will still feel marginalized and bullied in those groups. If your child is not thriving in college, it could be because they feel the sting of bullying, even into their adult years.


College is an uncertain, scary time for many students. There could be dozens of reasons why anyone would struggle with the new responsibilities of a college education. Hopefully, this article helped you better understand the challenges and concerns your child may face. With this information, you can help them along through this difficult time.