As your child gets older, their tastes change. Maybe they loved rainbows and fire trucks when they were smaller, but now they’re ready to transition into something new. Fortunately, you can update your child’s bedroom without spending tons of money or labor hours. Check out our simple design tips for updating your child’s bedroom right now!

Decorate With Things You Already Have

Before you run to the nearest home accessory store, think about what you already have. Maybe you have unused picture frames, baskets, or decorative pillows sitting in a box. You can use those things to update your child’s room. A picture frame can hold a current picture of your child. A basket can hold toys, and a decorative pillow will add a nice touch to a bed. You will have fun styling your kid’s room and perhaps think of ideas for your own space.

Purchase New Bedding

You can spruce up your child’s bedroom with new bedding. Sometimes, all it takes is a new comforter and sheet set to see an instant room upgrade. You can purchase modern kids’ bedding and look for other accessories, like throw blankets or bed tents.

Paint Old Furniture

It’s important to understand that just because some furniture is old doesn’t mean it’s no good. You can paint old furniture and give it a second life! Besides, it’s cheaper to paint something old than buy something new. You and your child can visit the local paint store, and they can choose a new color for the furniture piece. Then, they will feel included in their room updating process.

Incorporate New Patterns and Textures

A cool way to update your child’s room is by incorporating new patterns and textures. For example, you can place a rug with a graphic pattern on the floor or consider adding fun wallpaper to the room. However, you don’t have to take things to the extreme when incorporating new patterns and textures. You can also purchase a decorative pillow or comforter with a cool design.

Display Art Pieces

Display your child’s art pieces in their room. It’s quick, simple, and a great way to acknowledge your kid’s art skills. Place paintings in picture frames and hang them on the wall or set up a display area to show off something cool.

Your child’s tastes change as they age, and they want their room to reflect their interests. Fortunately, there are easy ways to update your child’s room without spending a ton of time or money. If you’re thinking about changing their room, always refer to these simple design tips for updating your child’s bedroom.