The Holiday Season is a tough time for some people. Especially those who have lost a love one.  The spirit of togetherness can be very hard for a person who is experiencing their very first Holiday without a love one.  I remember the first holidays without my Grandmother being very lonely and dark because I didn’t have her warm spirt.  I was able to cope by being around family and friends that help me by talking about the fond memories of her.  I also attended church and prayed to God for strength to help get through this difficult moment.  Below are a few tips that will help you get through this tough time of the year for you if you have lost a love one.


Tip 1: Surround yourself with Family and Friends

Surrounding yourself with family and friends can help lift your spirits and give you a sense of togetherness.  They can also help you by talking about happy memories that you may have shared with your love one. This gathering will help you lift your spirits and give you a peace of mind.  

Tip 2: Attend Church

Attending a Church service can really help you with peace.  Praying to God for peace of mind can help you cope with thistremendous lost.  Also surrounding yourself around people who can help pray for you when you find yourself lost or alone is very helpful.  Emotionally you might not feel like being in a large gathering so maybe you can start a pray chat or line where people pray for your strength individually.  


Tip 3: Spend some time in SELF Reflections Mode

Spend some time in reflection mode. Reflecting on the blessing that you have like being alive, healthy and safe can help you during this time.  Self-reflection is also a form of self-care because it gives you time to focus on your mental health.  Your mental health is very important during this time and depression can quickly set in.  


I hope that these TIPS can help you get through this difficult time of the year.

Contributing Mommi Verscie