Christmas is going to look so different for so many people this year including my family. We’ve decided to follow the CDC Guidelines regarding holiday gatherings, which suggest you stay home and spend time with those that live in your household.

I’m truly going to miss eating my families delicious food. I’m blessed to have a family that can cook, I mean throw down in the kitchen.

Although we can’t get together this year, we want to stay connected and have opted to jump on zoom for a Christmas social and game night. What’s really cool is that we’re adding more family members on the zoom that live all over the country.

I researched the different zoom games that people are playing these days. The games I choose were family appropriate. I also create two of my own games as well.

Game 1 – Baby Pictures

I love seeing baby pictures, so I thought it would be a cool idea to ask every family member to send me a baby picture. My plan is to put them in a powerpoint and who ever guesses the most baby pictures correctly will be crowned the winner. I think it’s a great way to get to know each other better and see how photographs have changed over time.

Game 2 – Take a photo of your favorite dish during the holidays

I mean who doesn’t love seeing delicious food. I think we are going to have 7 different households on the call, possibly more. So, we should have 7 pics to look at and vote on. Everyone can vote in the chat and the winner, yet again wins bragging rights. I’m also hoping to get the recipes for these delicious dishes and create a family recipe book that I’ll send to each family household.

Game 3 – Trivia Game Generator

Pretty much everyone loves to play trivia games. I found a cool FREE trivia game generator at this link –!. There are six different categories to choose from including arts, science, general, geography, history and entertainment. You’ll want to split everyone on the call into 2 groups and I suggest allowing each group to select a category. Then give them 2 or 3 minutes to answer as many questions that they can answer. You can play as many rounds as you want. The group with the most answers wins!

Game 4 – Pick a Name, Place, Animal or Thing

I really love this game because its perfect for every age. I know we will definitely have kids on our zoom call, so I definitely wanted there to be a game they could play. To play this game, I suggest again separating everyone into two groups. Then you pick a letter and a category, either a name, place, animal or thing. Each player has to come up with a name for example that starts with the letter B. The team that comes up with the most names for their letter wins.

Game 5 – Pictionary

Not only is this a classic game, but a favorite in our family especially my aunt who loves to play games. All you have to do to play is divide your family into two groups. The first group will use the Pictionary word generator – to generate a word, then one designated member will only have one minute to draw the word for their team. If the team guesses the word, you win a point.

So, there you have it, five fun games that you can play over zoom with your family. I hope you try all of these games with your family and laugh a lot. I know it is tough to not be able to see family members that you love dearly. But, missing one year of holidays is a small price to pay for many more to come. I encourage everyone to do their part to stop the spread.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!