Diaper bag ✔

Newborn clothing (my chunkster never fit into those newborn outfits lol) ✔

Hospital  bag✔

Newborn prep class ✔

Nursery ✔

Birth plan✔


With the support of family and friends, I  felt more than prepared to meet my little man. I’d only been dreaming of him since I  was a senior in high school.  Here I am 12 years later about to meet my 1st  born


Although it took all of my energy the process of pregnancy left me mesmerized. I read the books, watched the Youtube videos,  took the classes and with a decade of childcare experience I felt more than prepared to be a mommy.

My birth plan you ask

1. No epidural

2. No C- section

Whelp January 12th @ 1am as I slept on the couch my water broke – (Didn’t forsee that🤦🏾‍♀️).

We prepped the bags, I took a shower,  shaved (I refused to have strangers shave my honeypot lol) and by 3am I  was in a bed being monitored. The next few hours flew by , at 6 cm I began to feel contractions. Almost immediately doctors became concerned because his heart rate began to dip.

Insert oxygen mask and me being moved in various positions.  Shorty after I was encouraged to get an epidural despite my ability to tolerate the contractions “in case I would need to go in for emergency surgery “.

Not even an hour later I was being told they were concerned and wanted him out immediately.  In the blink of an eye I was being wheeled in the back for an Emergency C section.

At 10:09am 9 hours after my water broke Eli Maxwell entered the world at a whooping 8lbs13oz.

Downside to a c-section I wasn’t able to hold my son for another 3 hours, As I slept in recovery.

My birthing experience was the complete opposite of my hearts desires. I honestly feel robbed,  I cant even complain about the labor pains other moms share, the screaming and cussing.  But once I recovered from my c section wounds it didn’t matter much anymore. All that mattered was that I had the love of my life , my new best friend.

Through the tears, exhaustion, pain , confusion of my first motherhood experience. I also found real love,  patience,  laughter,  and sheer joy.

January 12th, 2013 at 10:09am I became a Mother.  3 hours later when I finally got to hold him in my arms I became a Mommy to the strongest little boy in the world. My Sonshine!


Happy Mother’s Day Mommi’s ❤