Pregnancy is an exciting and life-changing event. It’s a precious time for self-discovery and togetherness with your partner. When expecting your first baby, feeling both overjoyed and overwhelmed is normal. This is a major life change, but it also creates a family. In this post, we’ll discuss our top tips for Black mommies on how to prepare for having your first baby so you can enjoy the journey.

Make a Birth Plan

Talk with your doctor about your ideal birth plan. Some hospitals have options for natural birth and water births. As for C-sections, doctors usually schedule them based on complications or the fetal position. Discuss all available options at the hospital you’ll give birth at for the clearest idea of which one is ideal for you.

After making a birth plan with the doctor, get a written document showing what you both discussed. Share this plan with your partner and other individuals who may be in the room with you.

Nourish Your Body

Another tip on how to prepare for having your first baby is to ensure you eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Your doctor may also recommend prenatal vitamins to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients. If you have specific dietary questions, call your OGBYN for an expert’s advice.

You may feel exhausted more often, which is natural as your body nourishes both you and your baby. So make sure you drink plenty of water and rest when your body needs it.

Pack a Bag

As your due date approaches, pack a bag with clothes for your baby, diapers, and toiletries. You can also pack belongings that make you feel more comfortable, such as your favorite pillow or a comforting blanket. You may also want to pack essentials such as a ring sling to keep your hands free and baby close during the hospital stay. One of the key things to know before using a baby sling carrier is that some come in various sizes based on a baby’s weight; you need one for newborns.

Have a Support Team

Having a supportive team behind you is one of the most valuable parts of your journey toward childbirth. These individuals can be family members, close friends, and your partner.

When choosing your support team, consider people who are sensitive to your needs and willing to lend a hand or ear. Strive to seek out fellow Black mamas who have had similar experiences; someone who’s had a baby can give you great advice. The right people put your mind at ease and help you tend to your needs as you await your little arrival.