If you are an expecting mom, you’re probably wondering what are the next steps into your pregnancy journey and wondering why should I hire a doula….

First, Congratulations sis…if you’re expecting! Now is the time to think about what your support team and system will look like. Building a good foundation in the beginning stages of your journey will only set you up for success when it’s time to give birth. Besides finding the right healthcare provider and facility to birth in, you also want to start interviewing Doula’s as well.

What is a Doula?

A doula is a professional labor assistant who provides physical and emotional support to you and your partner during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Studies show that, birthing persons who have a doula with them are less likely to have a cesarean section. Although there are many different types of Doula’s, they all have one goal in common and that is to provide a safe space for moms and their families. A doula’s most important role is to provide continuous support during labor and delivery, and even through the postpartum phase.

What Does a Doula Provide?

As a Doula we provide helpful tips and support for mother before and after delivery.
For a mom to be

  • see a pelvic floor PT
  • work on maintaining and strengthening the mind body connection through
    yoga/meditation/mindfulness/prayer/whatever works
  • solidifying resources prenatally for lactation /feeding and mental health support
  • do birth and postpartum planning sessions or hire a doula
  • learn about the options available to you for your birthing environment

For a postpartum mom

  • lean on your support system to help with everyday tasks
  • take time to just be with your new baby
  • ask and allow as much help as you can get while sticking to your boundaries

Please remember!!

Rest is not something we need to earn after having a baby. Rest is an essential component of recovery. Your body did something incredible and it deserves to be honored and you can’t honor it by running it into the ground behind a superwoman complex.

We forget that we just had a baby. We expect to get right back into doing all the things but TAKE SEVERAL SEATS!


Aisha & LaKesha