One of the most common feelings you may experience while expecting is stress. Stressing about your baby, worrying about life’s changes, and anxiety about providing the perfect nursery can all become overwhelming. When you’re pregnant, there are days when you feel overwhelmed and emotional, which is entirely normal.

While it’s normal to experience stress, it’s not good for you or your baby to feel anxiety for prolonged periods. Elevated levels of constant stress can make pregnancy symptoms worse or contribute to issues like high blood pressure and depression.

Finding ways to relax and reduce stress while pregnant is essential for a smooth nine months.

De-Stress With a Day of Self Care

Sometimes we need a day of relaxation and self-care to help ease the stress. Applying a face mask, treating yourself to your favorite meal, taking a long nap, and doing an activity that makes you happy are great ways to de-stress.

Massage also provides many benefits throughout pregnancy, including helping you de-stress. A day at the spa is also an excellent way for expecting people to relax their muscles and relax. However, before getting a massage, you should ask your primary care physician if it’s OK to get a massage done by a professional.

Have Well-Balanced Comfort Meals

Having a growing human in your body does work up an appetite. Eating well-balanced meals that bring you comfort is a fantastic way to de-stress. Remember that fueling your body with healthy choices will ensure you and your body get the proper nutrients to feel your absolute best. However, don’t be afraid to dive into your cravings! Treat yourself every once and a while.

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Doing light exercises is a wonderful way to reduce stress while pregnant. Don’t let the word “exercise” scare or intimidate you! You can take a light walk around your neighborhood or dance around the house to your favorite songs to help relieve stress and release endorphins.

When in Doubt, Let It Out

Talking to other expecting mothers, new moms, or good friends can help relieve your stress and worries. Sometimes we need a listening ear and solicited advice. You can also try to write out your thoughts by keeping a journal to document doctor visits, your gratitude, and moments you’re looking forward to after having the baby.