It’s hard to believe that October is already here. You know what that means: Halloween is fast approaching. Since the holiday was such a drag last year due to the pandemic, you need to make up for it this time. Sure, COVID-19 is still around, but things have opened up a bit now. If you haven’t figured out how to celebrate it, you’re going to need some advice. That’s why we made this guide on how to have a fun and safe Halloween with your kids this year.

What You Should Do

When it comes to events that you can partake in, trick-or-treating and Halloween parties are the main two. Since most parties are indoors and full of kids running around, it might be safer to trick-or-treat this year. Everybody stays spread out since they’re outside. The only interaction that has to happen is with people at their door, so as long as you keep your distance and wear a mask, you and your kids will be safe.

What You Should Wear

The main problem with getting your child to wear a mask is if it doesn’t go with their costume. Fortunately, many outfits already have some form of mask built-in to them, but not all do. That’s why you should start early with costume ideas.

For example, if your daughter wants to go as a princess, you can suggest that she be one that got sick while waiting for her prince charming to appear. She might think that it’s a fun idea, and it will be easy to implement a mask. Be creative and work with your child to find something that you both enjoy.

Who You Should Go With

When it comes to trick-or-treating, the people you go with can be just as vital for you to plan. In times like these, it can be difficult to know who’s safe. That’s why you’ll want to travel with families you know well.

You don’t want your family to get sick because you went with an untrustworthy family that let their child go out even though they were ill. Even though this might mean your kid won’t get to trick-or-treat with everyone they want to, their safety is more important.

What You Should Do Personally

We’ve focused on how to have a fun and safe Halloween with your kids this year, but what about you? You’ll have to trick-or-treat all night, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a boring night. It can be fun reliving the thrills of getting a good piece of candy through your children’s eyes. Just remember, even though the goal is to keep them safe, you’ll still want to avoid being too overprotective of them. Allow them to get a little wild. Just ensure that they don’t get too out of hand.

Also, once the night is over, you and the other moms can go back to your house, crack open a bottle of wine, and reminisce with each other about your favorite Halloweens while all your kids count up their candy. There’s no reason why the parents can’t have a little fun as well.