Preschool is the time when a child is around 3 to 5 years of age and when their brains experience an incredible amount of growth. They are reaching many developmental milestones and learning how to navigate in and with the world around them. There are so many educational, active, and playful activities for preschoolers, but making up ideas can sometimes come as a challenge. Keep reading for some creative ways to keep your preschoolers busy and active.


The idea of hopscotch might seem outdated, but it’s more timeless than anything—it wouldn’t still be popular today if it weren’t. Teaching and then playing hopscotch is a fantastic and creative way to keep preschoolers active and busy. The kids will love the activity, from learning about it to drawing the hopscotch pattern with chalk to the actual game-playing. Hopscotch is an interactive experience that has stood the test of time for a reason.

Fossil Hunt

What’s better than donning a hat and going for a fossil hunt in the wilderness? There are so many fun dinosaur art projects for preschoolers, which is great because kids adore all things Mesozoic. Start by heading out on a search for “Dino Eggs,” that is, a couple of rocks with a smooth surface perfect for painting. Once your kids have found a good number of eggs, start painting them with vibrant colors, polka dots, and more.

Pasta Tower

If you want an activity that not only enthralls but also challenges preschoolers, consider prompting them to make a pasta tower. In the same way that many kids love trains, they also adore skyscrapers—they are curious about learning how things work. That is why a pasta tower is a great opportunity for them to gain a basic understanding of buildings in an interactive way. To do this activity, gather dry spaghetti and marshmallows and allow the kids to build their skyscrapers.