Trust me when I tell you, I know it’s hard for most of us to get back to our sexy after baby, especially when the doctors give us six weeks off after delivery. Sure, our bodies absolutely need the break, but for some of us, it’s much deeper than that (if you know, you know… blink twice!).

Becoming a new mom is tough. It’s incredibly demanding and the last thing most of us want to think about is throwing on sexy lingerie and pleasing our partner… but it’s so important!

We can’t deny our husbands sex.

They need it! They want it! They can’t live without it! And although we may never fully understand the depth of it, it’s real.

So here are some tips to keeping your sex life healthy in your marriage:

1. Make it fun

Do the things you used to do! Have sex in your car, do it spontaneously in the middle of the day or jump in the shower with your spouse. Whatever you can to ensure it doesn’t feel like you’re checking off an item on your to-do-list. For many of us, over time sex feels more like a chore or an obligation and there is nothing fun about that. The bigger issue is, no matter how much you think you can fake it, your spouse knows when you’re not into it so it’s no fun for him either. It’s important that you find a way to enjoy sex again, that you see your spouse as desirable and that you both are having fun!

2. Try something new

For some of the mommies reading this blog you’ve been with your spouse for yeeeeears! I know, I’ve been with mine for 16, but there is always something you can try that you haven’t done before. I’m not big on watching porn, I remember my pastor telling me it was like inviting someone else in the bedroom and I’ve always taken heed, but I do understand some like to watch it to learn new things. Like anything else just remember to keep it in moderation. You can also read books or talk to other couples. Whatever you need to do to spice up your sex life I say go for it.

3. Don’t wait until the end of the day

By the end of the day, you’ve given so much to everything else that you have so little left for your spouse. You’re just outright too damn tired. Then it’s anything but fun and enjoyable. So, do it early! Surprise your spouse for lunch and sneak off somewhere for a quicky! Romance while the little one naps. Find times throughout the day when your energy level is high to make love to your hubby.

4. Communicate

Compared to the others, this one sounds a little boring but it’s so important. As we grow in our relationship things change. Our needs change, our fantasies, our desires but we often forget to share this with our spouse. As well as you know each other, you aren’t mind readers and you can’t be disappointed that your needs aren’t met if you don’t make them known. Just like we check in about the kids and work we should also check in about our sex lives. What do you want? What does he want? Be open, be honest and then deliver.

5. Pray about it

Don’t underestimate the power of prayer in this very important aspect of your marriage. If your sex drive is low or you just don’t feel like pleasing your hubby, PRAY ABOUT IT! God knows everything and is able to turn any situation around if we ask.

6. You might help your hubby live longer…

Now, this is an added bonus! My final attempt to help to get you on top of your hubby (I crack myself up).

Who said the only benefit to having sex was physical pleasure? Well according to Times, it helps you sleep better, relieve stress, burn calories and increases immunity. In a recent study, it also showed that men that have sex more than twice a week are less like to get a heart attack than men who have sex once a month so I won’t waste my time writing a bunch more… GET TO IT!

Help that man live a long and healthy life!

Until next time MommiNation

Mommi Sanya