For many kids, sports glasses are the perfect solution to help them stay involved in activities. Whether they play soccer, football, or lacrosse, there are different styles and options available. These are the benefits of sports glasses for kids.

Allow Them To Play Harder

Or to play at all! Glasses just don’t cut it for most sports. Worst-case scenario, they can break into your child’s face. However, what happens most is that your kid is constantly readjusting them or holding on to them. This takes away from your child just having fun and focusing on playing. Sports glasses—since they are similar in design to goggles—stay in place, so your child doesn’t need to make them stay put.

Durable & Break-Proof

Sports glasses are tough. They are put together with different materials than traditional glasses, which makes them extremely sturdy. Their purpose is to be safe for sports—even those with some contact. You won’t need to ever worry about glass breaking, because there is none! Instead, polycarbonate makes up the lens. This material is scratch-proof and some of them are also UV resistant. Some even have “anti-fog” qualities, so your kid won’t need to clean them in the middle of a game.

Comfortable To Wear

Many glasses come with a snug strap that attaches to the temple tips. This is an additional added layer of practicality as well because then your child doesn’t have to worry about them flying off right in the middle of a game-changing play. Another benefit of sports glasses for kids is that the overall snug design makes them more comfortable to wear. There is no metal to press into the ears or sides of the head—only smooth plastic or rubber.

We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. One of the best ways for this is sports. Don’t let a distaste for traditional glasses or contact lenses be the reasons they can’t play! Physical activities are beneficial in so many ways for people of all ages—but especially kids. By getting them sports glasses, you can make sure they experience these benefits as well.