We can’t deny our husbands sex. They need it! They want it! They can’t live without it! And although we may never fully understand the depth of it, it’s real. So here are some tips to keeping your sex life healthy in your marriage

Hi Mommies! A little about me I’m new to the mommy and wife club. I’ve been married for 6 months...

For the majority of my life, I was of the mindset that it was okay to bypass all the romantic…

"Love is a choice, not a feeling!" When my pastor said those words during our marriage counseling I wasn't sure...

Breastfeeding, the most beautiful and natural experience that many mothers will have with their little ones. While I’m not here to debate if breast is best, when making the decision to breastfeed you are sacrificing some things: alcohol, bad eating habits and possibly great sex to name a few.

Have you ever sat back and wondered, “What the hell happened to my sex life?”— well just know you are not alone.

I literally laughed out loud and thought, this is about as true as everyone claiming to be “Living Their Best Life” and we all know just how true that is. After listening to the song again I’ll be the first to admit, while I was extremely entertained, I was left utterly confused. Are they serious? Are they making a mockery out of generational infidelity which runs rampant in the Black community? Nobody is actually taking this song serious right? After scrolling through the internet, I landed on the one comment that seemed to sum it all up for me, “This is a whole Jussie Smollett ass lie!” I died! This person is absolutely right, the idea sounds good and it’s something we really want to believe but of course we all know better! So, as we sit back and watch some of the most ignominious of men across the nation take this blasted pledge of “attempted fidelity,” I’m sure many women, like myself, are left bewildered by this entire movement. 

I’d be lying if I said becoming a mother hasn’t taken over in all areas of my life. —at work, if something comes up, my response, “well y’all just gotta figure it out”  because guess what— I’m a mom first. It’s girls night and something comes up, “Sorry ladies I know we’ve been planning this forever, but I gotta cancel”—- I’m a mom first. I find myself reiterating the fact being a mom is number one when it comes to many areas of my life, and in most areas, I’m finding that people won’t always be happy with you prioritizing being a mother first. *Kanye shrug*Not my problem.

I listen to women all the time, talking about how they want a man with a decent job, they want a real man, they want a man who is patient and compassionate, they want a man with this or that; but they can’t offer a man the same in return.

Wives! We should pray about a sexless marriage every day, and here is why!