Thing number 3! I don’t always like my kids! Don’t get me wrong – I have 4 gorgeous children! I mean, check them out!

Here is the deal! Blacks don’t adopt! Especially when you look at the statistics of our caucasian counterparts. And here…

We decided to adopt our son through the foster care system. I talk a whole lot about that here. For us, private adoption was never really on the table for considering. I really had a heart tug for welcoming a child into our family that was in the foster system. So we did the majority of our research in pursuit of that option and never looked back.

I don’t have time! I mean… I really don’t have time! So over the years, I have developed ways to sneak in a workout that is perfect for a busy mom, super excited to share these 3 easy exercise tips with you.

My mom would say… “don’t block your blessings” meaning that my off shooting hand was literally blocking my own shot! Like for real… the blessing in this analogy, was a 2 point field goal, and I was blocking that blessing by my own left hand! LOL Silly Analogy, but you should have seen my crazy jump shot. LOL!

Wives! We should pray about a sexless marriage every day, and here is why!