Hey y’all! It’s Chantea! Nice to meet you (if we haven’t already met)! If you follow me on Instagram then you know I like to keep it real! But even for me there are some things I don’t like to say out loud. Here are three things I would never admit out loud. And these are a doozy, so hold on to your seat belts. Small disclaimer… I love blogging mostly because it feels like a digital diary of my innermost thoughts, and sometimes you guys respond and share that you feel the same way! And then I feel like I got a big ol’ virtual hug from around the world! And there is no feeling like it.

chanteamcintyre.com Three things I would never admit out loud

So with that!

Thing number 1

DEEP BREATH  I have hemorrhoids! And GIRL! They are the worst! My mom told me when I was an adult that once you get them they don’t go away! WHAT??? I mean, where was the hemorrhoid conversation? We had the tampon talk; we had the child labor and delivery dialogue… I mean, we women talk about so much but NOBODY warned me that after pushing out a baby not only would my boobs and belly never be the same… but also my booty!!! Now that just ain’t fair! So if you have them know that you are not alone, and I have found relief by keeping a casual log of what I am eating so that I can track what foods make them flair up more. So far I have narrowed it to red meats, which is a bummer because I love a good steak.

Thing number 2

Speaking of moms. My mother recently married her best friend. A woman! And no knock against that lifestyle. It just was a hard one for me. And it is still hard for me to say out loud. I think the part of it that is the hardest is that it shook my identity quite a bit. I know… you’re thinking, how did your mom’s lifestyle shake you… Well, I identified with my mom so much. I felt so much pride when people said that I looked like her, or sounded like her. That when she shared with me that she was going to marry a woman it gave me the same feeling that I would imagine someone who learned that they were adopted late in life might feel. I was like… “Wait… What?” And just to clear the air… I don’t think that homosexual people are going straight to hell. The Bible says… “no one is perfect, no not one!” The Bible also says… “The greatest commandment is LOVE!” But I can speak about the love of Jesus out loud all day so I am going to move on to point number 3.

Thing number 3!

I don’t always like my kids! Don’t get me wrong – I have 4 gorgeous children! I mean, check them out!

chanteamcintyre.com Three things I would never say outloud

Sometimes I just look at my children and fantasize about a life with no children. How great my breasts would look. How clean my convertible would be (I drive a minivan). I mean, it’s not every day, but I am telling the truth! And I told you from the beginning of this post that I would share with you 3 things I would never admit… out loud! And I did!

chanteamcintyre.com The truth about motherhood

I hope you enjoyed this tiny peek into my heart. Thanks so much for reading all my inner thoughts and not judging me! I hope you will follow along with me on my personal blog as well (chanteamcintyre.com) and on my Instagram. I will be on this page at least once a month, but I post on my Instagram just about every day and I post on my blog at least once a week. Looking forward to keeping it 100 with you! And so nice to meet you!

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