Summer is here and MommiNation is having a #HotMommiSummer. Summer and Swimsuits are synonymous. A #HotMommiSummer is a call to action for all Mommies to have fun, live out loud, and exude confidence. We all love sitting poolside or laying out at the beach while our kiddos run around enjoying the summer. So, it is inevitable that we will need a swimsuit. We know that after baby, our bodies change and some times drastically. But it is important to love the skin you are in and Love your Mommibod. Be confident about that powerful body of yours that was able to give life to another human, and strut your swimsuit all #HotMommiSummer.


Sometimes, finding the perfect swimsuit is challenging. Especially after our bodies have changed so much. These changes are different for every Mommi. Some of us gain weight, in all the wrong places, others lose weight and no longer have that hour glass shape. Some of our breast sizes increase a few cup sizes, while others become deflated from nourishing our babies. We all have different struggles and we may find ourselves losing confidence and drowning in insecurities. Especially after we see perfection on social media. We have to get out of comparing ourselves to Instagram models. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. There is something absolutely stunning about each and every Mommi. We want you to know that no matter what your body looks like post baby, we can help you find the perfect swimsuit to accentuate your best features and help you #LoveYourMommiBod.

Mommi Joanna

After having my son, I thought I would never be able to find a swimsuit that covered my “problem areas” while being super cute and sexy for my husband to look at. HA! This swimsuit right here gets the job done, Honey. It covers my tummy that’s still under construction, but it hugs my body just right to show off all those curves that I got from my mama! It gives full coverage for my donk but show just enough skin for The Rev (my husband) to say AMEN when I walk by. It’s sexy and classy at the same time, just like me. Yeah, I said it! My Mommi bod is sexy and so is yours!


Mommi Tia

I chose this suit because it was

1). Stylish

2). Affordable

3). It Covered the body parts I’m working on but didn’t restrain me from being Cute & Comfortable!

I’m raising 5 Girls who are looking up to & learning from me on what/how it is to have self respect and self love for myself. I’m not 100% satisfied at this body size; BUT I’ve made the decision that I’m going to love the skin that I’m in. I’m going to be the example for my girls of positive self love and body image! If it takes this 2-piece swimsuit to do that….Guess what sis that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do. Ain’t nobody got time for being hot and miserable under all those clothes at the Pool/Beach this Summer!! Give the Summer whatever Body you got UNAPOLOGETICALLY!!

Mommi Brittany Sharde

I love sporting swimsuits like this, because they cover the areas that changed after birthing my daughter. It’s not a bikini and it’s not a fully covered one piece, but I still feel confident and cute!

Mommi Roxi

I always go for one-piece swimsuits with a little padding to accentuate my small chest and to slim down my post baby mid-section. While adding a little flare with a bright and fun kimono.

Mommi Jennifer

Soooooo I’ve always had a dream of being one of those moms with the cute matching bathing suits with their daughters and now that I have two daughters, I decided to go for it. But I needed to select a swimsuit that covered my “baby belly” while still accentuating my lovely lady lumps (LOL). As I searched high and low through Amazon, I found a high waisted two piece and thought this may be the winner. Although I really want to cover my “baby belly” I wanted a two piece because I’m breastfeeding an aggressive toddler so “easy access” is a must, and I prefer if I don’t have to get completely naked.

Mommi Pam

Honestly, I didn’t have the courage to wear a 2 piece until after I had a baby. I was always self-conscious about something on my body, my boobs weren’t big enough, my stomach wasn’t flat enough, my hips didn’t curve enough and so on and so on…but there’s something about having a child that liberated me from all of these insecurities. I don’t know if this happened after the doctors, nurses and staff were all looking up my girlie parts like it was as normal as looking at a flower or if it was the confidence my girls gave me post-delivery when they swore I had “SnapBack!” Whatever it was, it allowed me to be happy and confident in the body I’m in. So, now the only cover up I’m looking for, is for my tattoos 🤣!

Mommi Latrese

Let’s be honest, swimsuit selection always depends on where in my “Summertime Fine” timeline I am at. In the beginning, I’m going for a lose fitting one piece around the stomach area. Towards the end, though, when the waist is snatched (but still with stretch marks); I’m going for the high thigh, one piece that is tight and shows a little cleavage. Covered but sexy.

Mommi Ashley


My mommi swim style. Let’s face it, post baby bod is a thing and unfortunately, we all don’t have the “snap back” we imagined. I went from bikinis to one-pieces and that is totally fine, what I’m reminding myself is one pieces can be just as sexy as a bikini.
My swim style post baby is something with ample midsection coverage, (my flabby tummy and c-section scar aren’t ready for their beach debut). I prefer a high cut leg…If there’s anything pregnancy gave me it was thighs and a little bit of booty, just a little bit and I like to show that off. Breast feeding has not left me with the perkiest friends and like I said before that’s something I am learning to be okay with, opting for a halter top or even a top with a little extra padding helps pick my girls up and give the illusion my breast are somewhat perky.
Whatever your swim style is Mommi make sure you’re comfortable but most of all happy.

Love your Mommibod

Mommi Kerri


I love this swimsuit from Kam Swimwear. It offers just the right amount is sass, skin, and subtle sexy for those days and nights when we’re somewhere between Mommination and THOT-tiana. Click this link and use my code KERRI20 for 20% off your swimsuit purchase!

Love your Mommibod

For the days when I’m going to be out and about in the sun all day with the kiddos, sun protection is paramount! Mott50 for the win for fashionable sun protection apparel! The “Lucia” zippered front swimsuit in tropical fish inspired color “second skin” is a safe bet for sun protection with UPF 50. The long sleeves were a hit this weekend, as it was windy at the pool. And even my tresses were protected with the matching Fabrine swim turban. Full coverage + skin protection is a #momwin. And extra credit for the zip front, for those who want to add a little sexy to the look, just unzip.

Love your MommibodThe girls and I loved our matching swimmers from Kortni Jeane. The brand specializes in swimwear for all, so no matter your shape or size, they can suit you up for a day at the pool, beach, or lounging. They are also all mix and match, so I was able to pick out cute ensembles for the girls and me. We won’t have days forever when the girls think it’s cool to dress like mommy, so I’m basking in the glory of it while I can.

Love your Mommibod

Mommi Mykal

I love my son with all my heart, but what he did to this body was just evil! I learned to love my body with all it’s flaws. But I learned this valuable lesson only after I learned to camouflage my flaws and accentuate my assets. Even though I have a small frame, unfortunately the combination of my c-section incision being cut pretty high, stretch marks, and the fact that my stomach pultrudes out because of my diastasis recti, I would not be caught dead in a low cut bikini. But I love wearing high-waist bottoms with a cute top. I like to wear trendy prints. Neon and snake skin is in this summer! I am a fan of any swimsuit that shows plenty skin but certainly covers my belly button and below. High-waist two-pieces, monokinis, and sexy one-pieces are my favs.

Love your mommibod

Love your MommiBod

We’re encouraging and empowering every mom to love yourself inside and out!