Ok Mommies, if you haven’t heard by now, it’s officially a Hot Girl Summer (also known as a City Girl Summer). We owe this in large part to recording artist Megan Thee Stallion, who released her first album, Fever, in May of this year. We must admit, we’re having major FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) watching our girlfriends and celebs on Instagram living their best lives and taking full advantage of this hot girl summer!

For those who’ve been living under a rock, we’ll break down this entire movement for you! A Hot Girl Summer is a call to action to secure the bag, have fun, embrace your inner freak, focus on yourself and do what makes YOU happy, live out loud, put you first, exude confidence, and not give a damn what anyone has to think about it!

As Mommies, we rarely get the opportunity to let our hair down, throw our responsibilities out the window, and have some unadulterated fun. We’re typically consumed with catering to everyone else and making sure that everything is in order, that we forget about ourselves. We understand that our summer may look a little different from our non- Mommi friends, but if you thought you had to sit this hot girl summer out just because you’re a mom, think again! This summer, we want you to channel your inner City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion and have some serious fun. This movement isn’t limited to the single women without kids; Mommies can have a hot girl summer too!

If you need a little bit of help getting out of your comfort zone, MommiNation has got you covered with our Hot Girl Summer To-Do List – Mommi Edition


Hot girl summer1. Take a girls’ trip and leave everyone else at home!

You can always be 100% yourself when it’s just the girls. Take a trip and live it up! If a spontaneous trip this summer sounds completely impossible, scale it down a bit. Take a road trip with the girls or book a hotel downtown for a weekend! Enjoy yourself without anyone depending on you. Hell, sleep in AND take a nap! While you’re on your girls’ trip we know you won’t be able to resist picking up a souvenir or two for the kids, but make sure you get him a little something too! And when we say “him” that’s code for getting yourself some sexy lingerie so that when you return, you can slip that bad boy on and enjoy a complete night of role play!

2. Role Play

Hot girl summer is all about being sex-positive and embracing your inner freak! C’mon sis, we all have one, so don’t be afraid to let her out! Do a little role play with your man to spice things up. Dress up or pretend to be someone else and watch the sparks fly.

3. Treat yourself to something nice… on him.

Shower yourself with a gift(s) but make him pay for it. You deserve it! You know your man and you know how to make him pay for it. Big or small, it’s on him!

4. Skip the fancy wine and take a few shots.

The title says it all! If you’re not drinking for the buzz, what are your drinking for? Plus the advantage is there are far fewer calories in a shot than there are in a glass of wine! So, let’s hurry up and get there. Shot! Shot! Shots!

5. Take a pole dancing/burlesque class.

Everyone’s favorite home girl Cardi B. taught us how to hop on the pole to success, so this summer get the girls together, throw on your stilettos and learn a trick or two about seducing your man simply by moving your body. Trust us when we say, it’s a work out you both will appreciate!

6. Order bottomless mimosas at brunch

Every girl loves a good brunch, but we sometimes hold back on the mimosas because we have to rush back home to Mommi Duty. Well not today! Call a Lyft or Uber, get dressed to impress and enjoy your well deserved break. Head to the nearest rooftop where you can enjoy brunch and all you and your girlfriends should say is Bottoms up and keep them comin (but please drink responsibly)!

7. Send your man a risqué photo

Seduce him, tease him, make him go crazy with a photo that can’t be posted on social media then get him ready for what’s coming later! He plays a role in this hot girl summer too.

8. Drink Rosé All Day

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner Periodddt!

9. Make a day all about you

This day is all about you and no one else! Delegate your daily tasks and let them figure it out. What will the family eat? Not your problem. Who will do the dishes? Again, not your problem. Today, you do whatever it is YOU want to do and nothing that you don’t.

10. Turn off your phone and hit the bar with your girls.

No distractions. Just music, dancing, drinking, and of course fun! Remember to post all your fun on Instagram and tag @MommiNation #MommiSummer so we can see you in all your glory enjoying this Hot Girl Summer!


Now that you have your Hot Girl Summer checklist, what are your waiting for? Share this list with your girls and see who can finish first!