Oh boy, what a difference a year can make in your life! When we started 2019 my boys did not know how to swim. I was always so nervous taking them to the pool in our neighborhood. I wouldn’t even permit them to come close to the deep end because I feared they would drown.

Fast forward to the end of 2019; my two oldest boys Jayden and Chase successfully completed every class level at Goldfish Swim School. They both graduated into Swim Force, which is a class that works on perfecting each swim stroke. Jayden competed in a swim meet at Goldfish Swim School and won all three of his races. Chase is looking forward to competing in his first swim meet in February.

Chase is all smiles while waiting for his turn to swim.

Looking back on the past year, I can honestly say that I had no idea how much learning to swim would impact my boys’ confidence not only in the pool, but outside the pool as well. Learning how to swim can make your child feel like they can accomplish anything. I watched my oldest son, Jayden, realize that he could swim in just a few short months. Not only was he good, but I truly believe he is gifted at swimming.  My oldest son went from not knowing how to swim to realizing that he was a gifted swimmer. I also watched him become more confident about school and his classes. I noticed him starting to dream big dreams that I will share with you one day.


Jayden is being taught how to perfect a stroke.

I also watched my middle son fight to perfect every stroke. He’s three years younger than Jayden and age definitely played a part in how quickly he learned how to swim. But, Chase fought to get better at each class he took. I watched his instructors push him and point out what he needed to work on, as well as celebrate when he mastered a skill. I loved watching his instructors be just as happy as he was when he moved up to the next class. I also watched him become more confident about his class work.

Kaleb loves to be in the pool and it shows!

And, my little Kaleb who is four years old and truly fearless in the pool. Yes, I said it, he is absolutely fearless now. While Kaleb does not know how to swim just yet, he is definitely on his way. Every week his instructors are teaching him water safety and what he should be doing with his legs, his arms, his face, plus how to float. I’m so very happy with how far he has come.


And I am so incredibly grateful to the teachers and the management of Goldfish Swim School for teaching my boys a skill that will impact their life forever. You never know when their ability to know how to swim will benefit their life. I no longer fear when my boys will be in a pool. I’m confident that Jayden and Chase can swim and while Kaleb is not afraid of the water, he understands what he can and can not do. He knows not to go in the deep end, but he also knows how to float. It’s a skill that could save his life.

I also have to pat myself on the back too. Yes, this is a shameless plug for myself. Not only does it take dedication from the child learning how to swim, but from the parents too. They have to get that child to swim lessons every week. I’m here to tell you that my husband and I were dedicated throughout the year and faithfully made sure our boys were at their swim lessons. The pay off is knowing that your children have the ability to swim in a pool. It truly takes the burden off you and actually makes going to the pool fun.

I strongly encourage any parent that has been on the fence about whether or not their child should learn how to swim to consider Goldfish Swim School. I promise you will not be disappointed. You will see your child blossom before your eyes. While learning how to swim, they will build confidence, let go of fear and see themselves achieve what at one time they may have thought was not possible. I can not thank Goldfish Swim School enough for the opportunity that they’ve given me and my three boys. I’m incredibly grateful, thankful and without a doubt blessed.