Caring for a newborn is hard work, but we know you can do it! We believe in you! Take a stand now to learn the 3 ways to protect your baby from the flu. These suggestions will help you practice maintaining a clean environment for your infant.

Prepare the Baby’s Room Just Right

One important thing all new parents can do is prepare the nursery—even parents who haven’t given birth just yet. Depending on where your nursery is, it may get chilly, especially at night. Cold rooms can make a baby sick—a cold bedroom also draws poor air quality, causing sinus issues.

Ensure that you set the room at a cool temperature of at least 68 degrees and no higher than 72 degrees. This is the most comfortable range for your baby to sleep in, meaning they’re less likely to come down with a cold or the flu from a cold room. This temperature will keep your nursery warm in the winter and protect your baby’s health.

Keep Family and Others Away for the First Two Months

While it’s exciting to meet new family members, it’s not a good idea during the first two months, especially for families with children under five. Children under the age of five carry more germs than you’d think.

Even if your baby’s born in the winter, flu and cold season are rampant, creating more problems. Take your baby out only if you need to run an errand or go to doctor’s appointments. During the first two months of your baby’s life, make a schedule with your partner so that you can work in shifts. Working in shifts can limit exposure to the outdoors, giving you time to go out and do things without taking the baby with you.

Ask Your Baby’s Doctor for Signs of the Flu

During the first month or two of life with your baby, you might have many questions about the flu. At the first doctor’s visit, inquire about the prevalent signs to look for. You have a lot of symptoms to look for, but the most common ones are cough, not feeding regularly, and running a fever.

If you end up sick, call your doctor right away and stay in bed. It’s better not to interact with your baby while you’re sick, but if you must, wear a face mask. Face masks keep you from spreading germs through water droplets and keep the baby safe. Don’t give your baby any medicine if you suspect they have the flu; instead, contact your doctor first.

The best time to protect your baby from the flu is now. Take it upon yourself to improve the nursery and keep others that are sick away from the baby during the first two months of life. These are the most important things to do to protect your baby from the flu.