Did you know this is the least active generation in history?

I mean, I’m sure it comes as no surprise, when you really think about it, long gone are the days when kids preferred to go outside and play than sit around on their many devices, but hearing it said at the Nike Play for All event in Los Angeles reminded me of how important it is for our little ones to be active. 

Nike understands this too and has launched the Nike Play for All initiative which is all about the power of play for every kid.

The numbers tell the story. Only one in five kids gets the physical activity they need to thrive. These numbers impact kids in underserved communities the most and young girls. Did you know that by the age of 14 girls are two times more likely to drop out of sports than boys?

Nike is determined to turn this around because they know an active generation means a better more equitable future.

Research shows that kids who play are healthier, happier, and more successful in life. They believe all kids should have an opportunity to play. While removing barriers to play and creating belonging within sports for all, leading with girls.

And it showed! We got to hear from some amazing women who the work to make this happen!

Our founder and 4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross, hosted the event and spoke with Nike Executives Karie Conner and Caitlin Morris, Nike Athlete and star WNBA player Aari McDonald, and PeacePlayers Program Director Sally Nnamani. Their passion for creating equitable opportunities for children to play was palpable!

“If it weren’t for sports, I would not be the woman I am today,” Sanya says as she opens the panels and connects deeply with how important it is for all children, especially young girls, to have the same opportunities.

Nike is committed to doing just that with a focus on reaching girls and training coaches. By partnering with CAMP, The Family Experience Company, they are reimagining the sports experience by rooting it in a kid’s imagination and expression. At NIKE KIDS CAMP, it’s all about FUN while keeping kids active.

Nike has partnered with Camp 

Camp wants every kid to feel a sense of belonging within sports and they’ve designed products that make it easier for kids to play. Dribble, punt, and pass your way through our immersive sports rooms, each designed to give you the giddy thrill of scoring the winning goal. Play and movement options for both big and little kids. In the Basketball Room for example, the hoop will resemble monsters and the rims will come in various heights and sizes for all skill levels. Playing home run derby with a rubber chicken or bacon and learning stretching tips from a giant, inflatable. 

My favorite highlight at Nike Camp was seeing my ESPN Dunk Cam, slam dunk playback. It was everything…. Like they say you’ll find a moment to shine at NIKE KIDS CAMP. And I did. 

Camp has 9 locations 

South Norwalk

New Jersey

Los Angeles

Hudson Yards


Columbus Circle



5th Avenue

For tickets and more information visit camp.com

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!

Another important factor to getting our kids active again is making sure their clothing and footwear’s comfortable. Nike aims to be inclusive of all sizes, all identities, and all kids. Through more than 10,000 body scans, they transformed the apparel sizing based on body shape to create a better overall fit for all kids.

They created footwear and clothing keeping kids in mind. Featuring the same outdoor-tested materials like Therma-FIT, Storm-FIT and Polartec found in the adult line. So play doesn’t have to stop when the weather gets bad. Their team prioritized making shoes as easy to put on and take off, so little kids can step into play, without any delays. For our toddlers and preschoolers, they introduced the Dynamo Go — which has a fully hands-free, tailgate entry system with a collapsible heel that allows kids to simply stomp down and slip their feet right in. Talk about a game-changer for us mommies. 

Nike also made sure our girls have the right apparel and equipment, so they can play comfortably with confidence. Their new Kids’ Alate Bra is designed for all-day comfort, with soft, sweat-wicking fabric that’s available in a range of skin tones. They’ve also created an enhanced girls’ bra fit guide on Nike.com that makes it easier to find the right fit from the start. As mommies with little girls or nieces finding the right sports bra is a task on its own, but we love how easy Nike made it for us. 

We’ve Got to Do Our Part Too!

Now as parents we play a very active role as well. It’s important that we show up for our babies, facilitating opportunities for them to be active. 

One of the ways never crossed my mind but is totally possible. 

Nike believes there’s a coach in all of us, and they’re right! Many of us have so much we can share with the next generation, especially us women but we don’t believe we have the tools. Well, not anymore. 

Nike has free digital tools to help us navigate….

https://www.nike.com/made-to-play/coach equips coaches and other caring adults with tools to create a safe, welcoming environment where all kids feel empowered.

https://www.nike.com/a/parents-guide-to-back-to-school provides guidance on fostering kids self-esteem through wellness, play and sport.

https://www.nike.com/pdf/coaching-girls-guide.pdf serves program leaders and coaches working to recruit and retain girls (and girl-identifying young people).

It’s also important to consider because more women coaches may have the power to inspire more young girls to stick with sports. 

I had a blast learning so much about what Nike has in store for our children and left the experience feeling so inspired and optimistic of the future for my little ones. 

Hope you are too!

Until next time,

Mommi Heather