Wives! We should pray about a sexless marriage every day, and here is why!

Jesus instructs us to take all things to Him through prayer! Many of my closest friends have a sexless marriage, and it breaks my heart. I want to encourage and empower you to have a more vibrant sex life with your husband. I am going to share with you three reasons why I bring my most intimate relationship with my husband to the Lord through prayer. Lastly, at the end of this post, I share my sincere prayer, that I pray, when I pray for sex. My hope is that this blog post will bless your marriage.

improve a sexless marriage by praying for your marriage

3 reasons to pray about SEX

  1. Sex is a sacred relationship in a Godly marriage. It often acts as a glue to secure a bond. It literally confirms a marriage, hence the phrase “consummating a marriage!” So why wouldn’t we pray for the things that continually confirms our marriage bond? And prayer helps me to keep my commitment in the front of my mind. There are seasons where even my marriage is sexless. During those seasons, I pray very intentionally about sex with my husband.
  2. I am often too tired! Like for real for real! But you know what would make me even more tired.. arguing with my husband endlessly … a cold loveless home….and… Filing for divorce! So when I pray, I pray that God will give me energy for enthusiastic sex.
  3. Sex is marriage insurance- I shared on this blog post Let’s talk about Marital Sex from my personal blog ChanteaMcIntyre.com that I think of a healthy sex life as Marriage Insurance. It’s like insurance that my husband will have no reason to EVER have a wandering eye. (you can read more about that here). It’s also an incredible investment in our physical and spiritual connection.

I hope if you have not already, that you will add your most intimate relationship to the list of things you pray for daily. Because “with God” all things are possible!… Even enjoyable Sex!

Also if you would like more information about The 30 day sex challenge you can read that here! And evidently, I love to talk about sex because you can read my blog post about Marital Sex here.



improve a sexless marriage by praying for your marriage

My Prayer for my sex life

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for my husband! Thank you for blessing me with a life partner and a helpmate. And for my husband’s ability to bring me joy and amplify my flaws so that I can always grow and be a better person.

Today I bring you my physical relationship with my husband. I pray that you help me with my focus, my arousal, and our relationship.

Jesus, please help me to be less distracted during sex. Please help me to put away thoughts of laundry, and work and to do lists. And remind me to focus on my husband and his physical needs. Please help me to feel the magic of his touch and the power of our connections.

Heavenly Father, please put a fire in me for his kiss, his strength, and his closeness to me.

Father bless me with the memories of the the connections we had in our youth, and build a fire in my soul for our time together. Father please help me to long for him and for an intimate relationship with him. Please create “rest during this time of passion and allow his touch to energize my body for the next day.

Your word says you will do exceedingly and abundantly what we can ask or think, so in the mighty name of Jesus!… Bless this time with me and my husband! I pray with an expectant heart!


improve a sexless marriage by praying for your marriage

Do you know a woman who will be blessed by this prayer? Please feel free to share this blog post. We all need to fight, through prayer, for what God has blessed us with!

Thanks for taking a peek into my heart



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