Spring, summer, and winter too: school breaks mean bored kids. But there are multiple activities you can do with your children to teach them valuable life skills and provide an outlet for their creativity. Sometimes you can weave them into your daily tasks. If you need ideas, here’s a list of fun things to do with your kids during school breaks.

Tool Time

It’s never too early to show kids basic tool use. Any repair job can become a one-on-one opportunity to explain which tools you use, why, and how to use them. Take the time to install that towel rack, hang that family photo, or, if you’re extra crafty, build a bookcase for their favorite books. Having a little helper nearby while you tick off these tasks provides a bonding experience and prepares them to become little fixer-uppers themselves.

Virtual Cooking Classes

It’s always a good idea to occupy kids with simple baking and cooking jobs. Walking them through the steps of preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner teaches them how to take care of themselves. But make it a shared learning experience by scheduling a virtual cooking class to teach them cooking and life skills, like problem-solving and budgeting. An instructor walks you and your child through creating a recipe, fancy or simple. Find one that’s holiday-themed for extra fun!

Host an Art Show

One of the most fun things to do with your kids during school breaks is to have an art show where everyone participates. Set up an area where magic can happen, supplying kids with paper, glue, yarn, popsicle sticks, clay, glitter, tinfoil, and other materials they need to make artistic magic. Set a time frame to work in and tell them to create something that expresses a theme, celebrates a person they love, commemorates a fun event, or the like. You should display all art in a place of honor in your home (the refrigerator is always a great spot) and award your little artists with ribbons, medals, and more. Be sure to participate and challenge your own creativity. They’ll love working side by side with you.

Library Visit

When you’re all out of ideas, go to the place where ideas are created and celebrated: your local library. Check the library’s online calendar because there’s always something happening there. Getting books is just one thing they can do there, but when they do, ask them to pick ones that can suggest ideas for the rest of their break. Otherwise, see if the library has scheduled any story times, crafts, interesting speakers, or special exhibits. They’ll (and you’ll) never be bored at the library.

It’s important to keep kids busy when they’re on break, but it’s equally important to keep their minds alert and alive. Use these ideas to help them thrive, and help you survive, through the next school break!