Raising a child in today’s world is no easy task, and finding ways to increase their quality of life can seem challenging. Our kids face discrimination and unique hardships daily, all while navigating the social nightmare that is teenage life. As a mother, knowing how to help your teen feel less stressed isn’t just a favor—it allows our children to meet their fullest potential and become successful later on.

Keep Them Active

The fastest way to have a healthy mind is to stay active throughout the year. Physical activity can combat feelings of stress or anxiety by boosting serotonin. By keeping your children moving consistently, they’ll stay mentally sharp and fit—that’s a win-win!

Dedicate time to do activities together, like morning runs, trips to the gym, or long hikes on the weekend. Shared experiences help with bonding and allow kids to relax and open up. You’ll find it’s easier to connect and understand your teen when you’re both out and about.

Constantly Reward Them

Often, a stressed teen needs to feel recognized for their outstanding work and dedication to their hobbies and academics. So don’t be afraid to reward your child often, primarily when they accomplish a challenging goal. For excellent test scores, take the family out for your teen’s favorite dinner, or let them spend a little extra time out with friends when they’ve been particularly good.

Reward them with special events, like an epic teen-friendly birthday party or concert tickets to show how proud of them you are. This reward system quickly helps teens find the connection between healthy lifestyles and gratification.

Respect Their Boundaries

It’s OK to give your teen their space—we all remember being their age and the value of having some alone time. Don’t overbear your child, especially when they’re experiencing stress. Allow them to set boundaries, showing that you respect them and their decisions. This instills confidence, which significantly helps reduce stress in school and their social lives.

Knowing how to help your teen feel less stressed is a tad subjective—what works for one family won’t work for another. However, spending quality time together, showing appreciation for your child, and giving them adequate space should help alleviate the hardships that they face every day. With a little gentle parenting and patience, your child can handle their bright futures!