Ways To Keep Your Household Organized All WeekBeing the momager of your household can be overwhelming at times. Although it’s wonderful seeing the little ones you love running around the house growing each day, sometimes they can leave a mess. Doing chores every day after work is not ideal or realistic. Keeping your home neat and clean all week can be challenging, but anything is possible with a little strategy and planning. Here are a few ways to keep your household organized all week without busting your budget.

Create a Weekly Cleaning Plan

To help maintain a clean and tidy home, you should dedicate at least one or two days to tackling chores. For example, you can organize your kitchen and throw out old food on Thursday, clean the bathrooms on Saturday, and declutter your common areas on Monday. You don’t have to tackle these tasks in one day. Give yourself grace and break it up so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Every Item Needs a Home

As you begin to de-clutter your home, you may notice that some items got thrown into a “junk drawer” or discarded around the house. However, everything should be in its designated space to keep your home organized. A great way to organize your items is by getting stylish storage bins with labels, making it easier to put things away and find them.

Put It Away Immediately

Sometimes we get caught up in an “I’ll do it later” mentality, which can be our biggest downfall. To achieve an organized home, take action as soon as you think about it. Whether it’s hanging up coats, putting shoes away, or even folding towels, do it while it’s on your mind. If not, tasks will start to pile up and could get out of control. This would be a great time to show your children where certain things go, so they can help keep the common spaces neat.

Give Tasks to Every Family Member

The best way to keep your home organized all week is by making it a team effort. Creating a family calendar in the kitchen is a great way to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding their responsibilities. Add all your family’s upcoming appointments, school events, or special events to help remind them. It would be best if you assigned each family member a magnet or color to help make it easier to figure out who’s doing what.

So momager, hope these tips help to keep your home neat and tidy throughout the week!