Summer break is wrapping up, and it’s almost time to begin the rigorous school year again. For most children, summer is when they can kick back and relax from their structured school days. However, for families with a child with autism, summer can be overwhelming due to a lack of routine.

Since the school year is about to begin, it’s time to start building a new routine that will help your child ease into the upcoming school year. With this routine, you should add educational activities to get them in the mindset of being in a school setting. Use these fun educational activities for autistic children to support their learning styles and hone their behavioral and social skills.

The Name Game

The name game is a fun activity that requires a group of friends or family members. This activity teaches children how to introduce themselves while learning someone else’s name. To play this game, sit in a circle and point at yourself, saying, “I am __; what’s your name?” Then, your child will say, “Hi__, I’m___.” You will repeat this until the entire circle introduces themselves.

The name game is a fun game that will develop your child’s social skills while helping them make new friends.

Sharing Time

Sharing time is another excellent activity that supports the development of social skills. Before the school year begins, you and your family can help prepare your child for public speaking and active listening by having sharing time once a week. For this game, you and your family will share something that interests you. Your child will have the floor to share what interests them while practicing speaking in front of a “crowd.”

Slime Experiments

Making slime is not only a fun activity but also a great sensory activity for children with autism. You can use this activity to help expand their creativity while teaching something scientific. There are numerous slime recipes online to try with your child. The best part is that your child can keep the slime and play with it when the activity is done!

Puzzles and Sorting Games

Another simple but fun educational activity for children with autism is puzzles and matching games. Solving puzzles, scavenger hunts, and matching games is a great way to instill problem-solving skills while providing visual stimulation. Since children with ASD typically learn better with visuals, they will catch on to these games quickly.