My Achilles heel

I’ve always exercised, but I was never consistent. I started strong for the first couple of weeks, then gradually fade. It has always been my Achilles heel. I’ve also used Lupus as an excuse, “My Body hurts or I’m tired” not today, maybe tomorrow. After the last Fit Mommi challenge we had to do a vision board, “Consistency “was at the very top of my board. I’ve always been a procrastinator. This is something I’ve always struggled with.
I wrote I wanted to run 2 miles by the end of 2021, I’ve exceeded my expectations. I’ve consistently worked out 5-6 times a week, which includes a jog, a walk and Zumba once a week. I am now able jog 4-5 miles nonstop. I’ve lost 27 lbs. And whole lot of inches.

Forging ahead

My Lupus has improved tremendously, less aches and pain. Less fatigue and a tremendous amount of energy that I am so happy for. Living with Lupus you don’t know how you will feel daily. Each day pain free is a good day for me. I appreciate each day. Each morning going for a walk, exercising has become a lifestyle change for me. I’ve made the conscious decision that I will continue this journey if I am able to. I’ve reduced my nine medications  I take for my Lupus daily, to now one on a need to basis. After 23 years living with Lupus, I can honestly say this is the best I felt in a very long time! I am not planning on going backwards. I am only forging ahead in my lifestyle change. I’m ashamed to say I’ve used my illness as an excuse for far too long.

I’m happy to say my endurance, my strength and my overall health has improved tremendously. No more will I use “Lupus” as an excuse spend time with friends and family. For years I’ve brushed off hanging out with friends simply because my energy level was down, or I was in pain and did not want to have to explain to friends and family I was hurting. I did not want anyone to feel sorry for me.

My best is good enough

I now know whatever I set out to do I can achieve. I decided I wanted to live the best life I could. I knew exactly what I needed to do and took the first step in doing so. My children saw me struggle for years with my Lupus, coming home from work hurting and irritated. I did my best to be the best version of a mother to my children. I relied on them a lot during my Lupus flare. Those days are behind me now. I must continue to believe in myself and remember “Only My Best Is Good Enough “.

Mommination has given me the tools needed to succeed in my fitness journey, I am forever grateful for this community (FAMILY) who embraced me from the very first day. I love the accountability and sisterhood that goes above and beyond always.

Wishing you the best on your health and fitness journeys

Mommi Sydonnie