February is that time of the year when the calendar insists on celebrating the same two things that I do: Love, and Black People!!!

Oh, and since it’s this year, I get a whole ‘nother extra day to celebrate! Yay!
(That’s sarcasm, for those of ya’ll keeping score at home)

Since they are both my favorite things and all, I figured I’d do both at the same damn time–which of course, makes me even happier!

Last year, I discovered Valentine’s Day Cards for my kids’ classroom swamp. And they were amazes, so I thought I’d share with you some ways you can celebrate Black History Month and Love Day at the same damn time!

Here’s a roundup of ways that I came up with, for ya’ll to unapologetically celebrate Love AND Black History Month–at the same damn time, with the kids, the friends, and Bae!

First the Kids

Valentine Black History Box, $25.00

This is the set I found last year and they are back for another year. My then first grader gave these out to his class of ALL races, I just added a sucker with them. He will be giving them out again this year to his second grade class but I’m trying to figure out something else besides a sucker; we’ll see what happens.

I just feel like this is THE PERFECT way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Black History for the kiddos at school!

Valentines Kids Class Pack $10 each

These kids packs weren’t specifically black history but how often do we see valentines cards in the classroom full of black kids? This one is definitely making its own BLACK HISTORY!

Now the Friends

Black Girl Magic Valentine Day Fashion Illustration, $4.99 each

I came across this cute card that exudes Black Girl Magic Back from Fashionlistically Speaking on Etsy.

Bad and Boujee Collection $12.99 each

They literally captured EVERY true Bad and Boujee Chick I ever knew growing up. If your girlfriends are anything like mine they would gladly drink their morning cup of joe from one of these cups.

Finally Bae

Love Collection, $5.00 per card

By Ms. James has a dope collection of cards for Bae, some truly embody our Black History and others are just dope blackness. I’m sure I’ll be getting one for bae.

For the Mommis & Their Babies

Black History Month Hoodies

As Mommis a great hoodie is EVERYTHING and what better way to rep Black History Month and the greatest love of our lives than these MommiNation Black History Month hoodies for Mommi and Baby!

Know of any other AMAZING products that celebrate both us and our love? Share them with me and all the other Mommis in the comments. You know we love to shop….


Until next time,

Mommi JPink