It’s our day!! The day of the woman!

Happy International Women’s Day you beautiful woman you! The roots of this international holiday go back to 1909 when it was just “National Women’s Day” and first observed in New York.

Even though this holiday started more than a century ago, I believe the power of women is becoming increasingly powerful in part to movements such as the celebrations we will see in many parts of the world today.

For many countries, March 8 is a day of recognizing and celebrating women all around the world. All races, ethnicities, ages, orientations, religious beliefs take secondary role to the main goal of uplifting women on March 8th. However, it would be irresponsible if we did not recognize the many regions of the world where women are not celebrated, appreciated or in some case wanted. Our thoughts and prayers are with those women as they continue to fight to be heard.

In this list, I would like to highlight a few modern day women who I think deserve recognition and have served in barrier breaking roles. I would love to hear from you on the women who are important to you. Who has made a difference in your life? Share their story.

First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Mrs. Obama has changed the way many young girls see their value. She has changed the trajectory and ‘end-goal’ for millions of women and girls around the world. Her level of professionalism when she was being constantly attacked, showed me how to hold my head up when I felt attacked. The level of poise and class she showed as she spoke to other dignitaries and world leaders showed how to have the confidence to know I belong at the table. I belong. We belong. Women belong.

The level of expectation and reality she has when it comes to Sasha and Malia was refreshing. Even in her personal life, she allowed her young women to grow and be MORE than just the first daughters.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

I have always admired from a far (what social media shows us) how she raises her children. She has raised them to be their unique self and now her children are doing things like supplying clean water to the city of Flint, Mich. I think she recognized that fully empowering the next generation to communicate and be open about their authentic self, they can actually change the world.

The work she, Willow and Gammy are doing on the Red Table Talk has served as a sounding board for millions of women. I believe some women have been able to heal themselves from internal issue based on some of the topics talked about on Red Table Talk.

Adrienne Lofton

Howard University graduate, Adrienne Lofton, is a Global Brand Marketing Executive for NIKE. I heard her speak at a conference in 2015 and was so blown away by the way she has been able to take the world by storm through marketing. As a top ranking marketing executive, formerly at Under Armour, she was highly sought after to lead campaigns that highlight women in sports. Within the past year, she has spoken at a number of conferences paying it forward and sharing her life lessons.

All Mothers

Until I became a mother, I never understood the level of sacrifice that goes into being a mother. We mothers sacrifice our bodies, brains, emotions and everything in between to make sure our child is happy.

Single mothers have always amazed me. Whether single by choice or situation, single mothers perform miraculous feats daily to make sure their child has that feeling of security and normalcy. I see you!!

Professional women! You ladies raise children , then go to work and deal with children. LOL. There is definitely a level of confliction the fist time you leave your baby to go to work, and it doesn’t get easier. However, you are doing what you have to do to keep your lives in order. You rule in the boardroom and in the …….. (two snaps!)

Women of multiples. Twin..triplets…quadruplets, etc. You the real MVP. I truly don’t have the words to describe how in awe I am of you. Please comment below your best parts of being a mom. You have the floor!

Adoptive, foster, grandma, auntie and all the other mothers out there…we see you!! We thank you! You stepped in to fulfill a role that, for whatever reason, could not be fulfilled without your help and you are so appreciated.

My Favorite Woman

Last but absolutely not least is Dr. Dianne Mark, Ph.D.  All studies have shown that she is the best woman and mother in the world and I want to thank her for instilling independence and pride in me at a young age. My mother didn’t raise a daughter, she raised a powerful woman and I hope to mirror that in my daughter!

Special shout out to the creative and brains behind MommiNation, Mrs. Sanya-Richards-Ross. This fast moving woman is a wife, mom, businesswoman, spokesperson and I truly believe that is just the beginning for her.

I am honestly not sure she realized how many lives would be touched because she took the initiative to call 24 women who were willing to share their thoughts.

The future is female and the future is bright. With all of that said, please share your favorite women, tell us their names and stories. Let us share them with you!

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