I remember the moment after giving birth I was elated, happy and down right felt like a pure Bad A**! No one could tell me anything!! I guess what I’m trying to say is I was proud of myself on giving birth and truly excited about embracing the new life of Motherhood. Hours later I had my first taste of Motherhood it was having engorged breast. If you have no idea what engorged breast means you breasts are painfully overfull of milk.

This usually occurs when a mother makes more milk than her baby uses. Your breasts may become firm and swollen, which can make it hard for your baby to breastfeed. … When your milk first comes in, during the first few days after birth you may suffer from engorged breast. As painful as I recall this moment in life I feel your pain! I’m here to give you some jewels for your engorged breast and also natural remedy hacks that you must have in your home as a mom!

Let’s Get Acquainted

I’m Mommi Rocquel, a woman who truly carries a load of creativity on her plate! I’m a working mom, Entrepreneur as I’m the owner/founder of a Dance Studio in Orlando, FL called “ROC Dance Academy” and I’m a natural living mother lover!! (no pun intended). A year ago I started a journey with my family to transition towards a less toxic and chemical based living. What does that mean? Well we made the transition to throw out medicines for illness and fuel our body on the natural properties given in life such as fruits, vegetables, teas, herbs, essential oils and etc.

Starting this journey was truly hard and difficult at first however, the results have been amazing. Today our immune system is stronger, we’re more energetic and we’ve found ourselves learning interesting things about our body and the impacts of oils along the way. Twice a month on Sunday’s you can expect to read some of my favorite natural remedies and hacks right here on Mommination followed with natural remedies and youtube DIY Videos along the way for everything natural living!

Engorged Breast: Natural Remedy

Engorged Breast is the last thing you need while having a hungry baby! Catch this natural remedy, it’s all time favorite of mine. The remedy doesn’t stop your breast from being engorged again however, it provides relief in swelling and pain.


  • Cold Cabbage
  • Sport bra or Nursing bra (a top that’s not too tight, yet form fitting)

How To Use:

Apply cold cabbage leaf unto engorged breast. Allow the cabbage leaf to sit on breast until wilted, once leaf has wilted if pain still occurs wait for 2-3 hours before applying cabbage leaf again. Complete this method I recommend only twice in one week as constant applying to breast can dry out breast milk if done too often.

Must Have Essential Oils In Your Home:
Watch My Youtube Video To Learn More About Essential Oils

All natural remedies stated above I’ve used on myself and I’ve had a pleasant experience!
(Disclaimer: Mommination is not held responsible nor affiliated with any natural remedy recommendations stated in this blog).

– Mommi, Rocquel

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