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A Letter To The New Mom

By Rocquel @OurMommySpace Being A Mommi Dear, Mommi you’re hired! Motherhood is the one position and title that you’re working around the clock. It’s the one job that you instantly... Read More

Help Engorged Breast! – Natural Remedies For The New Mom!

I remember the moment after giving birth I was elated, happy and down right felt like a pure Bad A**! No one could tell me anything!! I guess what I’m... Read More

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Household

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Household What’s love got to do with it? Everything, Queen! Valentine’s Day often gets a bad representation why? Possibly because for years we’ve been... Read More

Christmas May Look Different This Year – and That’s Okay!

Who Would’ve Thought: This year has taken us all by a complete spiral! Many people have lost their job, finding ways to make ends meet or maybe you’ve found yourself... Read More

Ten Christmas Traditions You Should Try!

1. Putting up the tree/decorations together How many Mommies out there think Christmas comes right after Halloween? We are so excited to get in the Christmas spirit that we start... Read More

NICU Bonding Tips with Registered Nurse, Callie Douthit

Every parent dreams of the moment they get to hold their precious little one for the first time. Unfortunately, for some parents this moment never comes into fruition. When giving... Read More

Sometimes 30 Days Isn’t Enough- Mommi 2.0

You are not authorized to view this content. Head over to to purchase the challenge. Username Password Remember Me     Forgot Password... Read More

Mommi Trying To Survive Distance Learning with Pre-K through 3rd Grade Students!

Back To School I know what you’re thinking back to school already? Or maybe you’re dreading the fact that your child school just announced that students will be completing long... Read More

“Mommi Got Her Groove Back” -Mommination #FitnessWeek

You know oftentimes as women we understand that our life journey is far more different than men, but have you truly taken a moment to really analyze how much our... Read More