5 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Every Household

What’s love got to do with it? Everything, Queen! Valentine’s Day often gets a bad representation why? Possibly because for years we’ve been brainwashed by commercial media that Valentines Day celebrations require a spouse or a partner. Wrong! Valentine’s Day I was never a fan of prior to my son, in fact I would beg my husband for a big Valentine’s Bear and watch him spend over $75 Bucks for a teddy bear just for me to snuggle with it the first week and then store it in the corner. I know right I’m a hot mess! This year the season of love requires just a little more tenderness. I challenge you this Valentine’s day to make it a memorable one that doesn’t require chocolate covered strawberries or sweet candies (although I’m not knocking it!). This is the most important time to make this an experience. Continue reading to find 5 epic Valentines day ideas to do with the entire family!

Mommy and Me Baking!

Have you heard of the popular Tv Show “Nailed it”? Well much like the world being shut down, Hollywood is shut down as well. However, your baking hearts can still be catered to this season. The popular series teamed up with Fever to host a “Nailed It Experience” at home. The at home experience comes with a personal baking kit decked with all of your baking essentials with a box containing individually packaged dry ingredients, decorating supplies and helpful accessories, as well as step-by-step instructions to bake the distinguished masterpiece all while attending the live streaming baking event with assistance. I’m actually considering myself and family up for their next upcoming baking event because who doesn’t love making a mess and eating it in the end! If this isn’t your scene no worries, head to your local grocery store and make lovely sugar cookies or bake a cookie cake with Valentine’s Day joy decorated all over it. 

The Movies Are Open People

Nothing sounds better than some good buttered popcorn, melted and creamy nachos and fresh off the grill hot dog! While Movies have been closed for a complete year now, AMC movie theaters are opening up their theaters for rentals. Yes you can rent a movie theater out just for you and your family and watch your favorite family movie. Now this is a disclaimer, movie theaters aren’t allowed to decorate inside, there are some regulations due to covid-19 in regards to party size(up to 15 people) and of course like the good old days when things were open, the movie theaters are not allowing OUTSIDE FOOD! AMC movie theaters are running about $140-$200 some may say pricey but I mean come on think about it, you’ll never get a chance to rent out an entire movie theater for you and your family ever again. The pandemic has given us a little leeway to live life with no boundaries considering the mask! 


Nature Walk & Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Thinking about keeping it simple! Clever idea. Have you ever looked around your neighborhood or simply in your backyard? Head outdoors and truly connect with nature. Whether it’s snowing or hot in your area, head out to see what you could find! If you’re feeling creative turn your nature walk into a scavenger hunt, the kids will eat this up especially if you tell them we’re detectives! To create the ultimate scavenger hunt make sure you there’s a story aligned to the scavenger hunt. At the end of the scavenger hunt present a gift, event or outing. This idea is super simple however, it’s memorable. Head out your local parks, backyards and have a blast!







Cooking Together as a Family

Is homemade pizza on the list? Pizza is the perfect dish to make, it’s versatile. Whether your vegan, on a Keto diet or living your best life with a mouth watering meat lovers pizza. Pizza is the perfect dish to make for the Valentine’s Day season. Making homemade pizza is cost efficient, easy and gives us all a reason to get a little messy. Head to your local grocery store bakery and grab some dough (most store bakeries house pizza dough for sale). Take a scroll around the store and pick up some of your favorite pizza toppings. End the night off with a great movie, snacks and comfy blankets.

Mini Gift Exchange

Valentine day is a time of love and simply spreading kindness. This year ditch the retail stores and head to your craft store to get creative and make a gift for your family or someone dear to you heart. Diy(Do It Yourself) projects are always a hit because their creative, cost effective and require a lot of thought put into every design. Head over to Youtube and explore the many creations of Diy gifts from picture frames, wooden picture letters, candles, baskets, etc. Crafting has always chnaged the tone for holidays because it’s unique and special. This Valentine’s Day season make it memorable!