Description: Divorce is always a pain. If you want to handle it and move on, you are in the right place! Here, we’ll give you every detail on reducing emotional pain and discussing dating after divorce. Scroll down!


According to the U.S. divorce statistics, the number of legal termination of marriages has fallen in recent years. However, many people still have to survive the hard-hitting divorce process; it’s one of the most traumatic events we may go through. But despite all the severe emotional effects of divorce, we do try to find “light at the end of the tunnel” and move on. Some people take comfort from dating and new relationships; it’s a kind of divorce care for them. Obviously, going on dates is much better than suffering from depression while experiencing all the emotional stages of divorce. Besides, lots of new opportunities come for the happily ever after. So, if you feel ready to dive back, that’s great! Hopefully, you are recovering. However, before visiting any best dating sites, learn some important rules and strategies to support you in putting yourself back out there. 


  1. Are You Really Ready To Date?  

There are several emotional stages of divorce for a man and woman. That’s why dating after divorce usually comes with ups and downs for both genders so that you may need some help. First, you should consider the following important factors to make sure you are ready to open your heart again. 

  • Have you allowed yourself enough time to reflect and sorrow?
  • Have you taken responsibility for your part in the divorce?
  • Did you realize what went wrong in your marriage?
  • Is the relationship with your ex really in the past?
  • Are you in full control of your emotions and feelings?
  • Did you think about constructive ways to cope with relationship challenges?

If almost all your answers are “yes”, it means that you have probably resolved your emotional wounds and took good care of yourself.

Note that readiness for new relationships after a breakup varies from person to person, and it doesn’t depend on a certain amount of time.  So, do use your emotions as a guide to determine whether you are ready to date.

  1. Re-learn Who you Are As A Person

Before you enter the dating pool again, you should rediscover your sense of self. Why? What does it mean? There are thousands of reasons why a marriage can end; some situations are just ugly. And sometimes, people simply don’t know how to survive divorce emotionally; therefore, they need help regaining self-esteem and confidence before they can move on.

If you haven’t fixed those problems, some people can exploit your vulnerability. Make sure you start dating from a healthy place. Experts recommend enjoying some time as a single person (hang out with friends, read books, go to movies, etc.). So, just take some time off between divorce and dating.

  1. Reflect On Your Past Relationships

What is the right time to start dating after divorce? Well, there is no simple answer. Some people are ready next week, while others agree to go out for a drink a year after divorce. The main rule here is to wait until full acceptance when you realize you have no emotions – good or bad – towards your ex-partner. However, to achieve this, you have to encourage yourself to process all your emotions and learn your past relationship lessons. 

An expert tip: write down the pros and cons of your marriage, the characteristics of your ex, what you could have done better for that relationship. Such a reflection may help you learn from those lessons, and recovery will come along much faster.



  1. Think About You Dating Intentions And Goals

Your values, intentions, and goals impact your dating experience and behavior, making it crucial to reflect on them before you jump into the dating. 

For instance, there is a huge difference between dating to avoid being single, get back an ex, prove something, and dating because you want to find love again. The first 3 reasons show that you are still emotionally wrapped up with your ex, so you won’t be able to build healthy relationships with anyone. Be clear with your feelings and intentions since your mindset will determine your behavior and how you date.

  1. Don’t Get Stuck On The One “Type”  

You like a particular type of man or woman, and divorce hasn’t changed anything? Well, it’s time to get over your “type”! Experiment and give a chance to someone who you wouldn’t have given the second look. Now you know that appearance is only the tip of the iceberg, so try to get to know a person better, don’t ignore them just because it’s not your “type”. But in any case, listen to your heart. 

  1. Don’t Rush 

Again, it depends on your personality, but anyway, dating may feel a bit scary at first, so don’t compare yourself to others, take your time, and go at your own pace. Note that there are ample amounts of ways to ease back into dating. For example, you can let your friends know that you are interested in relationships and try new activities to meet interesting people. Also, you can create a profile on a divorced dating site. Actually, it’s a great idea to practice online dating after divorce; this way, you can connect with people who can relate to your experience.

  1. Take Care Of Yourself And Use Protection

It’s not a brainer to guard yourself against health risks when you’re engaged in a new relationship; you know what we mean. But what’s more important, you have to protect your heart too. Before having sex with a person you’re dating, make sure that you both are on the same page and have similar expectations from each other. Stay clear to avoid being hurt and not to hurt your new partner.

Bottom Line

Post-divorce dating can be challenging; however, it can also be exciting and life-affirming. Although a breakup is always painful, there are ways you can try to ease your pain and move forward. Adopt a positive mindset and believe that everything will work out for you. You deserve love, and you’ll be able to achieve what you want! Enjoy every step of the journey towards your new love and life.

Have you found our recommendation helpful? Did you divorce a long time ago? Please share your experience with us. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there, and it’s important to learn from each other.


Mommi Contributor,

Rebecca Shinn